Jessica Alba Captures David Bowie’s Ghost in Selfie: Facts

Picture Suggesting Jessica Alba Captures David Bowie's Ghost in Selfie
Jessica Alba Captures David Bowie's Ghost in Selfie


Jessica Alba captures David Bowie’s Ghost in Selfie. See pic.

Other Versions

Jessica Alba Shows Selfie with Ghost in the Background.


These thought grabbing stories shared heavily on social media and also news sites claim to show that Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has captured English singer and actor David Bowie‘s Ghost in one of her Selfie pictures. Let us analyze whether the said claims can really be facts.

The Background of Story

On 13 Jan. 2016, Jessica Alba posted a selfie picture on Image sharing website that shows in the background a ghost-like figure standing enshrouded in a mysterious blue-tinted glow. The actress described the picture as “I have no idea what that is,” and labeled it as “freaky”.

Ghost Speculations

The selfie picture of Jessica Alba with the mysterious appearance in the background soon grabbed the attention of thousands of fans before it went viral online. Some followers went on to suggest that the ghostly figure in the background of the selfie was actually the spirit of late singer David Bowie, who passed away few days earlier on 10 Jan. 2016. Some declared it a genuine ghost because spirits follow the light (coming from flash of camera) so they can go up, and others believed it to be the actress’s guardian angel.

Closer Look of Picture

As marked in the second picture shown below, the design along the background wall suggests presence of an enclosed Mirror, which is displaying something in front of it, or something projected onto it. The mirror could be showing a living person, or an image of the person. Like suggested by some people, it resembles the image (ghost?) of David Bowie, as shown in the second picture below. On the contrary, it could also be some woman (picture or real) with dark eyes or wearing sunglasses.

Screenshot of Image Analysis
Screenshot of Image Analysis
Screenshot of Image Analysis
Screenshot of Image Analysis

A significant aspect; in the middle region of mirror you can see some light kind of source (marked in second picture). As we have shown in last picture, zooming in and slightly altering the background light of the selfie picture of Jessica Alba, we could spot what appears like a person projecting something onto the Mirror with a flash light kind of device in his hand. So it is certainly possible that someone projected the image of a person onto the Mirror, which is intentionally or unintentionally shown as something ‘freaky’. So the mysterious appearance in the background of selfie of Jessica Alba might not be a ghost.

Screenshot of Image Analysis
Screenshot of Image Analysis

Jessica Alba Upcoming Movie

Scheduled in August 2016 is Jessica Alba starrer movie release ‘Mechanic: Resurrection,’ which is an American action thriller film featuring a contract killer Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham), who specializes in killing his foes and making them look like accidents. So whether this ‘ghost in selfie’ story is a part of promotion for the movie is yet to be known.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.

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