Lost Pan American Plane Flight 914 Landed After 37 Years: Fact Check

Picture: Lost Pan American Plane Landed After 37 Years, Riddle of Flight 914
Lost Pan American Plane Landed After 37 Years, Riddle of Flight 914


Lost Pan American Plane Landed After 37 Years
Flight 914 took off in 1955 but landed after 37 years.

Other Versions

1. A Plane took off from New York in 1955 and landed in Caracas in 1985

2. Riddle of Flight 914
Plane that Vanished in 1955 lands 37 Years Later!

3. Plane landed after 37 years at Caracas airport !! mystery!!

4. Time Travel or a Mystery? Lost Plane Found After 37 years!

Fact Check:

Various stories spread over internet space claim to present the Mysterious Riddle of Flight 914. Accordingly, a Pan American Flight 914 took off from New York in 1955, Vanished and then the Plane landed in Caracas in 1985 – after 37 years. So, let us examine if the paranormal claims are really true.

Has a Plane Landed After 37 Years?

The alleged plane landing is often shown as mysterious ‘Time Travel’ or ‘Time Elapse’ incident, and many people in fact believed in same. As evidence, related stories mention a voice recording between the Plane Pilot and eyewitness, air traffic controller Juan De la Corte. The runway calendar of 1955 is also mentioned as a sole proof of the incident. Nonetheless, after a thorough search, we found there is no record or evidence of any such flight 914 vanishing, to be found 37 years later.

The Riddle of Flight 914: Weekly World News

Over the years, the story in question has been sailing on internet in various forms. It appeared in May 1985 on tabloid Weekly World News; refurbished again in later years, like in 1993 and 1999 (see images). While many believed it as a true story publication, Weekly World News was largely a fictional and satirical tabloid in the United States from 1979 to 2007. It was known for its characteristic black-and-white covers. Weekly World News relaunched in 2009, as an online only publication.

In the tabloid papers, you can see different images of said eyewitness, air traffic controller Juan De la Corte. In first paper print, you can also see a satirical story titled “Mouse hunter shoots himself in the foot“. Coming to the other picture of a flight with passengers standing besides, it actually shows an airline of Spain, Iberia flying between Madrid – Buenos Aires in 1946.

So, the claims saying a Pan American vanished plane landed in Caracas Airport after 37 years are hoaxes originating from satirical publication.

Hoax or Fact:


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