Man Claims He Killed Bigfoot in SA : Facts

Picture: Man Claims He Killed Bigfoot in SA
Man Claims He Killed Bigfoot in SA


Man claims he killed Bigfoot in SA

On Thursday a self-described professional Bigfoot hunter finally released pictures of the alleged beast’s body that he said he shot and killed in San Antonio.


Messages circulating heavily on social networking websites talk about a man who claims to have killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, who released pictures of the alleged beast’s body. It does not appear to be a fact.

The Claim

In early January 2014, a Georgia man Rick Dyer came up with the claim that he shot and killed a Bigfoot, whom he named Hank, in late 2012, but kept the mystery under wraps. Rick says he shot and killed the mythical monster in a wooded area of California, near Loop 1604 and Highway 151 in September 2012. Following a dispute with his investors, Rick told that he was able to reclaim the body, releasing pictures of the alleged Bigfoot body, along with a grainy video he shot of the creature. The video was included in a documentary called “Shooting Bigfoot”.

Skeptic View

These Bigfoot claims of Rick Dyer failed to convince skeptics. This is also because Rick was one of two Georgia men, who along with Matt Whitton in 2008, claimed to have found a dead Bigfoot creature of about 8 feet tall, weighing 500 pounds. They released a photograph of the Bigfoot inside a freezer, promising DNA evidence at a press conference. However, at the press conference that made national news, their evidence of Bigfoot was exposed as a rubber ape costume. This deception was made public by the same company Whitton and Dyer teamed up with to announce their discovery. You can read more about that Bigfoot hoax here. Moreover, the picture below showing a part of the back side of the Bigfoot in present claim barely looks real.

Picture: Man Claims He Killed Bigfoot in SA
Man Claims He Killed Bigfoot in SA

Rick Dyer Says It’s Bigfoot

Rick Dyer is a self-proclaimed professional Bigfoot hunter who says Bigfoot is real, and not a tooth fairy. He says that he is not fooling around this time and that the Bigfoot body he killed has gone through extensive testing to prove it’s real. Rick plans to have a news conference soon and reveal the full body of Bigfoot along with the test results. He also plans to take the body on tour across North America, where he will charge a small fee for people to see it.


Considering the credibility issues he had in the past, involving ape suits, the lack of valid evidence in present case, and the ways in which it is marketed, the aforementioned Bigfoot claims of Rick Dyer are possibly hoax.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly hoax.


Man claims he killed Bigfoot in SA
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