Man Haunted by a Creepy Child Ghost David in His Apartment: Fact Check

Picture of Man Tweeting About Being Haunted by a Creepy Child Ghost in His Apartment
Man Tweeting About Being Haunted by a Creepy Child Ghost in His Apartment


Man tweeting about Being Haunted by a Creepy Child David Ghost in His New York Apartment.

Fact Check:

A creepy story in heavy circulation on internet space, on social media sites and also in some media outlets, talks about a New York Man tweeting about being Haunted by a Creepy Child Ghost in his apartment. So let us analyze the paranormal claims and facts associated with the creepy child ghost.

Origin of Story

From 7th of August 2017 Adam Ellis started posting on Twitter saying that his apartment in New York is haunted. In subsequent threads, he started sharing mysterious happenings in his home (pictures and videos) and the details of the ghost of a dead child he named ‘Dear David,’ who he says was trying to kill him. Since then, over a course of weeks, Adam Ellis has been sharing in a lengthy Twitter thread some ‘terrifying’ nightmares and real experiences, even at night times.

The alleged paranormal experiences included strange snapping sounds, unmarked calls, things in his apartment moving on their own, and his cat trying to fight an invisible being. He presented a drawing sketch of the ‘Dear David’ ghost and fears; the ghost has “crossed over into the real world.” The tweets about the ghost of a dead child and the haunted apartment soon garnered thousands of shares and the ‘creepy’ story went viral.

Possible Flaws

After Adam Ellis started posting about his alleged ghost experiences in his apartment, the next day on 8th of August 2017, he wrote an article on BuzzFeed website describing same. As a matter of fact, Adam Ellis is working as a comic artist for BuzzFeed. Notably, he is a graduate from Art Institute of Boston. While sharing the strange and creepy experiences on Twitter, Ellis himself gives plausible, natural explanations to the incidents, but again, denies them. Ellis also says he has had “a lot of requests” for Television and media interviews. However, he says he is holding off on most things for the time being.

Adam Ellis, who owns an online apparel store, has gained millions of followers after his ‘ghostly’ tweets. He also has an upcoming comic book in 2018. Apart from him, there are no accounts of others from his apartment experiencing the creepy incidents. Some people have in fact suggested his strange story about the Dear David child ghost and haunted apartment is just a viral marketing plot for his upcoming book.

Hoax or Fact:



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