Neem Plant Rotating Itself in Siricilla Town: Fact Check

Picture about Neem Plant Rotating Itself in Siricilla Town
Neem Plant Rotating Itself in Siricilla Town


Unbelievable : A Neem Plant rotating it self

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Fact Check:

An interesting video shared widely online shows an ‘unbelievable’ incident where a Small Neem Plant is seen moving on its own in Karimnagar District of Telangana State, India. Yes, the incident of Neem plant moving on its own is real. However, it is not any Miracle as such, and does have scientific reasons to it.

Neem Plant Rotating Incident

In mid September 2016 a man residing at Shanti Nagar, Siricilla, Karimnagar District, Telangana State, India, reported of the incident in question. He said that he had a Neem tree in front of his house, under which, two small neem plants (buds) have developed, and to his surprise they were rotating on their own for couple of days. Hindus consider Neem Tree sacred and also worship it. So, the rotating neem plant appeared like a miracle of God to some people. They started worshipping it, and visitors came in large scale to witness the rare scene.

Scientific Reasons

Telugu language Teenmaar News program in Telangana state reported and looked into the mysterious incident. The News team asked Government Geological officers to clarify it. They explained saying when a plant is grown, or seeded in mud and is surrounded by loose soil on the surface, it can rotate on its own. They added that small such plants can also rotate when there is a water-body flow underneath. In current case in Siricilla, there is indeed the Manair River flowing nearby. Under such conditions, the budding neem plants – without firm roots to keep them intact – are able to rotate.

Hoax or Fact:


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