One-Legged Ghost Gong Goi Spotted in Thailand: Fact Check

Image about One-Legged Ghost Gong Goi Spotted in Thailand
One-Legged Ghost Gong Goi Spotted in Thailand


Spooky footage of One-Legged Ghost Gong Goi Spotted Hopping in a Thailand Field.

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1. Eerie Video of One-legged ghost child

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Fact Check:

The eerie video is shared on social media sites claiming to show One-Legged Ghost Gong Goi Spotted Hopping in a Thailand Field. The alleged one-legged ghost child spotted by a traveler at side of road appears hopping away screaming Gong Goi, Gong Goi! So, let us examine and find out if the one-legged ghost child is real or not.

About the ‘One-Legged Ghost’

The video filmed at night from a vehicle traveling alongside a field shows the strange one-legged creature with long black hair hopping away along the grass. Facebook user Chantha Sitouluk shared the video on 27th September 2018 saying he caught the Gong Goi ghost on camera near Luang Namtha Province in Laos. Many viewers in fact believed in it, sharing it thousands of times and making the strange story viral.

What’s Gong Goi Ghost?

Gong Goi is a mythical child-sized monster described to have one contorted human leg, which allegedly hops around screaming “Gong Goi, Gong Goi!” The one-legged ghost child is believed to live in the jungle. According to Thai folklore, it visits people camping in the wild to suck blood from their toes.

Image of an illustration of One-Legged Ghost Gong Goi
An illustration of One-Legged Ghost Gong Goi

Not Ghost Gong Ghoi

After the video went viral, Coconuts Bangkok ( contacted Chantha Sitouluk about his ‘Gong Goi ghost’ spotting. Chantha refused to give more details about the video but insisted that he shot it himself and that the strange creature is a genuine Gong Goi. However, close examination of the unclear video shot at night reveals the long black hair of the creature looks unnatural as it hops. You can also see the presence of wooden kind of material around its legs. Moreover, it’s suspicious why the person stops shooting the creature just after few seconds.

Considering the aforementioned observations, it is possible someone could have staged the incident. Likewise, Asst. Prof. Jessada Denduangboripant from Faculty of Science in Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University expressed similar opinion. He told Amarin TV that there’s nothing particularly unusual or supernatural about how the creature in the video moves. He said the ‘one-Legged Ghost Gong Goi’ looks like a regular person hopping around. So, what you see in the video is probably just a person in a white cloak and wig hopping around using some wooden support. The story of one-legged ghost Gong Goi spotted in Thailand is therefore a staged hoax.

Interestingly, later on 9th October Facebook page Thai TV Social shared another somewhat similar video, which as a matter of fact was staged at night. In that case, the ghost-like dress was held by the man using a stick, shaking it to give a false impression the ghost is jumping.

Hoax or Fact:



One-legged ‘child like’ ghost spotted hopping and screaming at the side of the road could be the mythical Gong Goi

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