Poltergeist Caught on CCTV, Haunted Doll Terrorizing Girl: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Poltergeist Caught on CCTV, Haunted Doll Terrorizing a Young Girl
Poltergeist Caught on CCTV, Haunted Doll Terrorizing a Young Girl


Video: ‘Poltergeist caught terrorizing a young girl’

Other Versions

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A child’s doll appears to turn its head by itself before objects are launched around a room in creepy home footage

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Fact Check:

A ‘paranormal’ video in heavy circulation online claims to show a poltergeist activity, where an allegedly Haunted Doll was caught terrorizing a young girl in her home, as recorded by CCTV. The footage shows two clips where the ‘haunted doll’ is filmed twisting its head from side to side before objects on the girl’s study table fly across the room in a creepy way.

Origin of Video

Spanish language Facebook page La Otra Dimensión shared the video in question in late December 2016 with a description saying a man set up the security cam after his daughter complained about something bothering her. The video was mentioned in some news outlets as well and became popular soon.

Flaws & Facts

Although the date of recording the footage is shown as September 2016, the video became popular after the Facebook page La Otra Dimensión shared it. Note, the same page shared a hoax video earlier in April 2016 claiming to show an Alien Contact and UFO Sighting at a local Restaurant in Puerto Rico. La Otra Dimensión, translating to ‘The Other Dimension,’ is an Entertainment based Facebook page. It’s description translates saying the page is dedicated to the mystery, the supernatural world, stories of terror and more…(Página dedicada al misterio, al mundo sobrenatural, historias de terror y mas…). La Otra Dimensión has been publishing lot of paranormal stuff, also on a YouTube channel.

Mentioned at the bottom right corner of the video is the source of the video, Samhain Baucogna. Their YouTube channel shows various paranormal videos – in Entertainment category. Some of them also feature the same girl seen in the current video, allegedly showing paranormal activity in their house. In the current video, note the girl’s reaction to the alleged haunted activity is relatively calm. It does not appear realistic, with no talk or expression of horror; as if she was trained for the act. The look of the time stamp in the alleged security cam footage too does not appear real. It is perhaps added to the video later.

Staging Incidents

People can stage such haunted and paranormal activity using invisible strings, directing the outcome and then masking the video carefully. For example, you can see somewhat similar activity shown as Ghost Throwing Hookah Pipes in an Empty Bar in Moscow. A close observation of the doll in the first clip suggests the possibility of an invisible string attached to its hair on left side and pulled across slowly to give an impression that the doll is haunted and is nodding its head on its own.

So considering the aforementioned facts and flaws, it can be inferred that the alleged CCTV footage showing Poltergeist activity of a Haunted Doll Terrorizing a Young Girl is a Hoax.

Hoax or Fact:



‘Demon possessed doll’ blinks and nods head before entire room shakes leaving young girl terrified

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