Real Footage of an Autopsy on a Roswell Alien Exists: Fact Check

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Picture: Real Footage of an Autopsy on a Roswell Alien Exists
Real Footage of an Autopsy on a Roswell Alien Exists


Real footage of an autopsy on a Roswell alien exists

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This a REAL alien, a genuine 1947 Roswell alien autopsy image

Fact Check:

Warning: Graphic content in this article. Viewer discretion advised.

According to a story shared online, also mentioned in some news outlets, a Real footage of an Autopsy on a Roswell Alien does exist and a grainy Image from it is also shared by Ray Santilli, the man who presented the Alien Autopsy video in past. So let us analyze whether the claims of real alien autopsy in Roswell back in 1947 are true or false.

About Roswell ‘Alien UFO’ Incident

Starting since late 1970s UFOlogists began to claim that one or more Alien spacecrafts have crash-landed in mid-1947 at a ranch near Roswell of New Mexico Desert, and suggested conspiracy theories that the extraterrestrial occupants were recovered by the United States Military, who then were engaged in a cover-up of the incident. In 1990s the US Military reported that the crash device was in fact a secret U.S. Nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul. Nonetheless, conspiracy theorists, hoaxers and UFOlogists continue to present ‘evidence’ of involvement of Aliens and UFOs in the Roswell crash. They said US government stored the flying saucer kind of object and alien dead bodies in a secret military base.

About Alien Autopsy Video

In 1995 Ray Santilli, a British musician, record, and film producer claimed to have discovered footage of autopsy of an alien creature that was killed in a UFO crash in Roswell incident of 1947. Ray Santilli said the black and white alien autopsy film footage (shown below) was supplied to him by a retired U.S. military cameraman, who wished to remain anonymous for privacy concerns. For about a decade, many people believed in the alien autopsy video, and surprisingly, Television networks around the world were excited about the ‘Alien’ find, as it was also aired on the Fox television network.

Elaborate Hoax

In later years, the 1995 footage of alien autopsy linked to the infamous Roswell crash incident was branded an elaborate hoax. In 2006 Ray Santilli and his fellow producer Gary Shoefield admitted their film was in fact a “reconstruction” of alien autopsy Santilli viewed in 1992. Santilli also said they added “a few frames” from the original twenty-two rolls of film that had not degraded. They also revealed the set was constructed in an empty flat in Rochester Square, London. Notably, the alien autopsy video was presented by Orbital Media, which was founded in 1995 by Ray Santilli himself. In following years and in late 2017, John Humphreys, the artist and sculptor who was employed to construct the two dummy alien bodies revealed that he also played the role of the pathologist, hiding his identity within the contamination suit.

In response to those revelations, Ray Santilli said again the alien autopsy hoax was a “recreation” of genuine 1947 footage that he obtained before the fake was made, but was of too poor quality to be screened. He also provided the grainy still image of Alien autopsy to website, saying it was original one. Nonetheless, as you can see from the screenshots from the known hoax footage (shown below), the new image too appears to be an edited one taken from the old hoax footage, or probably a photograph of the dummy alien that was not published.

In Conclusion

So, it is clear the alien autopsy footage linked to the infamous Roswell crash incident is an elaborate hoax. Unfortunately, rise of internet and social media paves way for hoaxes like this to spread more quickly than ever before.

Hoax or Fact:


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