Real Ghost Caught Swinging in Delhi Park: Fact Check

Image about Real Ghost Caught Swinging in Delhi Park
Real Ghost Caught Swinging in Delhi Park


Scary Video: Real Ghost Caught Swinging in Delhi Park!

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1. (Hindi)

बच्चे का भूत झूला झूलते हुए , Khyala B Block Park…

We CAUGHT a ghost on camera and its really hard to believe but pls watch it guys pls..its has been spotted in cr park b block and mela ground.

3. Delhi park swing ghost
Delhi police sealed park today

4. Ghost in Company Garden Allahabad

5. Nikku park jalandhar | ghost riding at nikku park jalandhar

6. Ghost, See this reality swing is swinging at park by itself or by ghost.

Fact Check:

A ‘scary’ video in circulation online for some time purports to show a Real Ghost Caught Swinging in Delhi Park of India. It shows two swings (Jhulas in Hindi) in a park, one of which swings vigorously moving on its own, without anyone sitting on it. Two boys heard in the video seem to have been frightened with the sight of “Bhoot Jhoola,” i.e. Swing haunted by Ghost. Despite what is said and shown in the video, the claims about Real Ghost Caught Swinging in a Delhi Park are not true.

Images about Real Ghost Caught Swinging in Delhi Park
Real Ghost Caught Swinging in Delhi Park

About ‘Real Ghost Caught Swinging’ Video

The video in question is doing rounds online since at least June 2018, with initial claims that it shows a child ghost swinging. We have also come across many such videos in past with the claims like a real ghost is caught on camera riding on a swing. As a matter of fact, this particular video has also scared many viewers. Observing it closely, you can see after 55 seconds into the video, the swing stops and then moves forward unusually. Because when we sit on a swing, we move back first and then the motion continues forward. After 1 minute and 10 seconds into the video also, you can see something stopping the natural movement of the swing. This indicates the possible involvement of someone pulling the swing with ropes or fishing lines and then making them invisible using computer editing.

To investigate into the authenticity of the claims in video, Hindi channel ABP News team visited the Khyala B Block Park in Delhi. The park in video is located in a Government Primary School, where students and nearby children have the access to come and play. You can see the ABP News video above. They talked to kids playing on the same swing and elders in park, none of whom mentioned any scare claims or presence of Ghost.

So, all this concludes to saying the claim about a real Ghost caught swinging in Delhi Park is just a hoax. The story is a fabrication of pranksters who seem to have used computer editing and/or rope like connectors to create the ‘scary’ effect. The Hindi language conversation between the boys heard in the video also appears staged.

Hoax or Fact:


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