Real Reptilian Alien Photograph Shuts Down 4chan: Fact Check

Picture of Real Reptilian Alien Photograph Shuts Down 4chan
Real Reptilian Alien Photograph Shuts Down 4chan


Reptilian Alien Photo Brings Down 4chan

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1. Real Alien Selfie Results in 4chan Being Taken Offline

2. Real Alien Pic Shuts Down 4chan

Fact Check:

According to an interesting story discussed widely on boards, a member of 4chan forums posted a photograph of a Real Reptilian Alien looking direct into the camera (like Alien taking Selfie) near Arizona Desert, soon after which 4chan website was taken down and all traces of the photograph were wiped out. There are allegations that U.S. Government removed everything to cover up information about the Alien. The claims about the Alien selfie picture do not have proper supportive evidence and are possibly hoaxes.

Origin of Alien Selfie Story

The alleged photograph of alien taking selfie in Arizona Desert outside of Luke Air Force Base was allegedly posted by an Anonymous member on 4chan image board forums in the early morning of 23 Feb 2017. Soon after the posting, 4chan was allegedly taken down and restored after removing all traces of the alien photograph; some people claiming it was done by U.S. Government that did not want people to know about the alien existence. The forum thread titled “24489 Taken Aprox 24 miles north west of Luke Airforce Base Phoenix Az. Lab H4C” was allegedly up for only few seconds/minutes. Adding mystery to the paranormal allegations, there are many recreations of the alleged high resolution image of the alien taking selfie in Arizona Desert.

Description of the Reptilian Alien Photograph

The alien was described as a scaled yellow reptilian with purple bags under its black eyes, with hour glass head and small pursed lips, standing in side profile in a desert that had a tree in the background. Some people who allegedly saw the original alien picture on 4chan claim that they felt sick, vomited, shook/vibrated and had severe psychological effects. Some other Anonymous users who allegedly saved the picture said that it was mysteriously wiped from their hard drives.

Fake Creations of Alien Selfie Picture

As you can see in the series of pictures above, there are many creations of the Alien selfie picture that happen to be products of photo editing using other pictures that are not at all related to alien origins. In some cases digitally created Alien figure is added to a desert like background with tree.

About 4Chan and Alien Selfie Pic

The image board site 4chan is sometimes associated with variety of pranks, threats, conspiracies and hoaxes that especially originate from Anonymous users. For example, in the past, hoax stories like singer Miley Cyrus has contracted HIV AIDS and changing your iPhone date to 1970 activates Classic ‘Easter Egg’ theme have originated from 4chan. Notably, the picture of alien in question was allegedly posted on 4chan’s /pol/ board, which is a short for “Politically Incorrect.” Moreover, according to Luke Air Force Base website, the base, which was established during World War II, is currently an active-duty F-16 Fighting Falcon training base.

So considering the aforementioned facts and flaws in allegations, the claims of a real reptilian Alien photograph taken down by U.S Government are possibly hoaxes. Shown above is allegedly the original picture of Alien taking selfie in Arizona Desert posted on 4chan that someone shared on Imgur later. If the low resolution art picture that does not fit the description of the reptilian alien is the legitimate one, it explains the elaborate prank and why the picture could not be traced after alleged deletion.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.

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Prashanth Damarla