Real Witch Chasing Car at Night in Pune, Video: Fact Check

Image from Real Witch Chasing Car at Night in Pune, Video
Real Witch Chasing Car at Night in Pune, Video


Real Witch Chasing Car at Night in Pune Remote Area (Extremely shocking video)

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Image from Real Witch Chasing Car at Night in Pune, Video

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बांदा नवाब टैंक के पास मे पुलिस की गाडी के सामने रात के समय आयी चुडैल, चुडैल से डरकर गाडी पीछे दौड़ाते पुलिसकर्मी, साहस दिखाते हुए एक पुलिस कर्मी ने बनायी वीडियो, वीडियो में गाडी के पीछे दोड़ती चुड़ैल साफ़ दिखाई दे रही हैं |

Fact Check:

A popular video online purports to show a Real Witch Chasing Car at Night in a remote area of Pune, India. Allegedly, Police encountered the terrifying Chudail (Witch in Hindi) while patrolling in the area. Interestingly, the Ghost video appears online with many other stories attached to it. While some versions say it happened in Banda region of Uttar Pradesh (India), others also mention Saudi Arabia desert. So, let us examine the authenticity of the viral Witch (Chudail) video and find out the truth behind it.

Image from Real Witch Chasing Car at Night in Pune, Video

Real Witch Chasing Car at Night?

The creepy video shows a person dressed all in white with long hair, walking with stick to shuffle along the road. The video went viral on WhatsApp groups as well and has in fact scared Indians in remote villages like Banda. Responding to it, however, Banda SP Shalini dismissed any connections with the Banda police force. She also added no patrol van was out scouting Nawab Tank area in Banda and that they did not spot any witch.

Although the freaking response of the person in the vehicle sounds genuine, there are certain flaws in the ‘witch video’. Without stopping for so long, the vehicle/car could have easily speeded away from the scary figure. It could have happened especially when the scary figure goes beside the road on couple of occasions. Instead, you can see the vehicle kind of follows the scary figure beaming light over it.

Origin of the ‘Witch Video’

We found the video appeared on YouTube channel 18Seven back in November 2014 – in Comedy Category. It carried an Arabic title roughly translating to say Genie found in Al Mutlaa Desert. The description of the video also mentions investigations on the creepy Genie footage revealed it is fabricated. With little more research, we also found 18Seven YouTube channel is owned by Abdulla Alshtail, listed as Manager, IMAX Theatre at The Scientific Center Kuwait.

So, it is possible the scary Witch scene in the video was staged to scare viewers. Notably, earlier in 2014 there were related reports in the Middle East mentioning concerns around Black magic and Witch hunters. Ironically, superstitions around witches and ghosts were common there and sometimes old and ugly people with dementia are accused of witchcraft. It is also possible one of the two persons in vehicle at the scene staged the prank to scare the second person who is heard freaking out in fear. In case of prank, one can put on a wig and cloak, and film such a creepy scene at night from the car.

To conclude, the various claims about the video showing a Real Witch Chasing Car at Night in Pune, Saudi Arabia or elsewhere are hoaxes. The footage is staged most probably to scare someone or the viewers. So, we request viewers not to share the video and spread unnecessary ghost fears among people.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla