Researchers Find 3-Fingered Alien Mummy in Nazca, Peru: Fact Check


The website, which has been releasing videos about the new species “discoveries,” is in fact a paranormal website that offers viewers some exclusive pay to see features, like contact with angels, alien encounters, abduction, crop circles, and alike. Most important; apart from these allegations, there are no credible news reports about the three-finger alien species discovery in Nazca desert. Many UFOlogists believe the videos and films from website are simply promoting a massive hoax. The Peruvian World Congress on Mummy Studies and Scientists also released statements saying they believed the three-fingered ‘alien’ creatures were hoaxes.


So considering the aforementioned facts and flaws, it is certain the Bipedal species, humanoid or strange creature with three fingers are not aliens. As of this writing, it is however not clear whether the ‘small body’ is an excavated corpse or just a hoax. For your information, scientists have explained the Elongated Skulls found in some pre-Hispanic humans were due to Artificial Cranial Deformation; a part of a social ritual.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla