Sadhu Praying in Himalayas Snow in Minus 45 Degrees: Fact Check

Image about Sadhu Praying in Himalayas Snow in Minus 45 Degrees
Sadhu Praying in Himalayas Snow in Minus 45 Degrees


Sadhu Seen Praying in Snow in Himalayas in Minus 45 Degrees.
Dear friends watch this video carefully. This video taken in Himalayas with minus 45 degree. One devotee walking with a dog doing prayer. This video taken by our army man. This is the power of sadhus and lord Siva.

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ఈ అద్భుతమైన వీడియో చూడండి. హిమాలయాలలో మైనస్ డిగ్రీల ఉష్ణోగ్రతలో తీయబడింది. ఒక యోగి ఈ మంచు పర్వతాలలో ధ్యానం చేస్తూ ఉండగా ఒక ఆర్మీ జవాను ఈ వీడియో తీయడం జరిగింది. ఒక కుక్క కూడా ఈ యోగిని అనుసరించడం మనకు ఈ వీడియోలో కనపడుతుంది. ఎముకలు కొరికే చలిలో వొంటి మీద గోచి తప్ప ఏమి లేకుండా ఈ యోగి ఈ మంచు కొండలలో తిరగడం, ధ్యానం చేయడం పరమేశ్వరుని కృప కాక ఇంకేమిటి?,చివరివరకు చూడండి.

శంభో శంకర … హర హర మహాదేవ్

Fact Check:

A video is viral on social media platforms purporting to show an Indian Sadhu Praying in Himalayas Snow in minus 45 degrees temperature. Apart from a small cloth covering his male genitals, the sadhu wears no clothes and is walking bare foot on Snow. Accompanying him is a Dog as couple of Army soldiers shot the rare sight on mobile camera. The video is doing rounds suggesting this is the power of Sadhus and Lord Shiva. So, let us examine the details and find out more about the video.

On 11th February 2020, Facebook user Raj Manohar S D shared the video with similar claim saying it is power of Lord Shiva. Consequently, the video went viral on Twitter and other online platforms. It shows the Sadhu walking over snow and finding a comfortable place to sit and meditate as a dog is visible alongside him. While the soldiers try to go near, the sadhu gets disturbed, stops meditating and leaves the place saying Jai Shri Ram. The soldiers listening to a patriotic song in Hindi also voice the same.

About the Video of Sadhu Praying in Himalayas Snow

Apparently, the Army jawans were patrolling in a car in a remote part of the Himalayas, when they stumbled upon the Sadhu. The soldiers in thick jackets were surprised to see the sadhu meditating in snow without wearing proper clothes. His face was covered in ash and he was carrying a stick in hand to support walk in snow.

Reportedly, the sadhu was doing his morning prayers in the snow. There’s also another video showing the sadhu somersaulting down the avalanche and the dog following him.

Notably, the light (heat) appearance in the second video suggests the temperature may not be as low as minus 45 degrees. However, in snowy areas, subzero temperatures are not uncommon. This reminds us of an old popular video showing Indian saint Baba Barfani Manimahesh taking bath in ice cold water in Himalayas. He breaks the ice formation in the lake in Chamba region of Himachal Pradesh and takes out water for his bathing ritual. As a matter of fact, yogis and sadhus even bathe naked in the Ganga when temperatures are well below freezing point. Likewise, the Hindu sadhus usually worship god and meditate after taking bath.

Science Behind the Power of Yoga and Meditation

Hindu Saints and Sadhus of the Himalayas know the secrets of Yoga and Meditation to keep their bodies warm. The practices help in regulating body temperature and kindle the inner fires of the body. Pranayama and Yogic training coupled with the power of meditation and practice adapts their body to extreme temperatures. For instance, Indian Yogi Rambhau Swami performed fire ritual and slept in union with it without getting burnt or hurt.

On the other hand, sadhus often smear their bodies with Vibhuti (ash) from their Dhuni (site of worship) or holy fire. It makes up an insulating paste, effective at warding off both cold and excessive heat. Moreover, Sadhus and Yogis mostly bathe with cold water. In past there were many videos and pictures of Sadhus worshipping and meditating in subzero temperatures in Himalayas and other places.

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