Scary Chudail (Ghost) Seen in Hyderabad City of Pakistan: Fact Check

Picture about Scary Chudail (Ghost) Seen in Pakistan's Hyderabad City
Scary Chudail (Ghost) Seen in Pakistan's Hyderabad City


Scary Chudail Seen in Hyderabad City of Pakistan

Other Versions

Ghost Chudail Seen in Ghazipur District, Uttar Pradesh

Fact Check:

A scary picture in heavy circulation on social media sites and elsewhere online purporting to show a Chudail (Ghost) in Pakistan’s Hyderabad City. Some other versions of the story said the Ghost appearance happened in Ghazipur District of Uttar Pradesh State, India. No, as explained below, the paranormal ghost claims are not facts.

Origin of Story

On 8 May 2017, Pakistani Singer Faakhir Mehmood shared the picture in question on his Facebook account asking if someone can verify the supposed picture of Chudail captured by many people in the middle of the night in Hyderabad. The scary ghost (Chudail) picture in question appears to show an old woman dressed in white, with her hair open, and sitting on the wall of an old house. Also seen in the picture are few people watching the alleged ghost and taking pictures. The chudail picture and the story drew lot of discussion online and soon went viral. There were also the versions that the alleged ghost appeared in Ghazipur district and other places of India.

Actual Facts

Many viewers believed the scary ghost in the picture is real. However, it is worth noting the small group of people in it are quite calm and composed, and also taking its pictures. Moreover, few pictures of the ‘chudail ghost’ from different angles show it in same position. It implies what you see could actually be a Doll. ABP News in India investigated into the picture. They reported the scary picture of alleged Chudail/Ghost was not taken in Pakistan or India. It is taken from a video shot in Indonesia during an old, traditional ritual called Jelangkung (or Jailangkung). During the Jelangkung ritual, Indonesians make dolls of girls to appear like Ghosts (Chudail) and communicate with Spirits. So the stories saying the picture(s) in question show a Chudail/Ghost in Pakistan’s Hyderabad or elsewhere in India are simply hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla