Scary Noises from China Mountain, Thousands Flee: Fact Check

Image about Scary Noises from China Mountain, Thousands Flee
Scary Noises from China Mountain, Thousands Flee


Super scary noises emitting from a Mountain in GuiZhou, China for more than 10 days.

Many people are looking for the reason. But nobody can find the source of this horrible sound. Experts from Beijing also came to do research. However, so far, no one knows where the sound came from. Some say: This is called Earthly dragon’s sound warning about some kinds of disaster like Earthquake, volcano, flood. Some say the Bible also mentioned this sound – this is a signal warning that catastrophe is coming. Many say: This is the sound of the people who died under the Chinese Party dictatorship. In the last 70 years, the CCP has killed many innocent people. This is the sound from the Hell, the gate of the hell is opening to pull the CCP down.

All these opinions have one thing in common: warning about coming disasters. Coincidentally, on the second of July an earthquake 4.5 Richter happened exactly at the place where the sound located. The CCP has to pay for its evil crime. Heaven is punishing it. Everyone should not stand with it. Otherwise you will get the same result with it!!!

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Mystery in China: Strange noises from Mountains flee thousands of people from the village

Fact Check:

Some videos popular online purport to show Super scary noises emitting from a Mountain in GuiZhou, China for more than 10 days. Accompanying messages claim the strange noises are like Earthly Dragon’s sound, somewhat like a Tiger’s roar and are signal of an upcoming catastrophe. They also claim to show thousands of villagers in the China mountain region are fleeing away for same. The claims are only partially fact, explained here.

About the ‘Scary Noises from China Mountain’

The videos in question started circulating on social media in early July 2020 showing strange and scary, loud echoing sounds and groups of people trying to find the source. Accompanying messages also mentioned an earthquake took place at the place where the sounds are coming from. After the videos went viral on social media, they caused widespread concern and heated discussion among netizens. Viewers wondered if it is a paranormal sign and a natural disaster like Earthquake is imminent.

Actual Facts

Some villagers and farmers did in fact report hearing strange sounds in the Mountain region of GuiZhou, China. They first heard them on 20th June 2020, coming from the top of the mountains. Once the videos went viral on social media, many curious villagers went to the top of the mountain in Xiushui. They began hunting for the source of the sounds, wondering if it is really a Dragon’s growl or a Tiger’s roar. The video(s) in circulation in fact show the same, not thousands of villagers fleeing from the area out of fear of any impending danger. Note, the actual sounds from the China mountain region were different and not very loud and scary. They were strange and deep though.

Official Investigation

Once local officials came into action, they placed roadblocks to stop the locals from gathering. Then they sent a team of experts to investigate the mysterious sound. Zoologists revealed the strange sound was coming from a type of small bird called the Yellow-legged Buttonquail. The bird is hardly bigger than a Sparrow, but makes loud sound. The video below shows the calling sounds of Yellow-legged Buttonquail in day and night. Officials also revealed similar noises were heard in some other places of China.

Yellow-legged Buttonquail resembles, but is unrelated to, the true Quails. They are endemic to the Indian subcontinent, East Asia and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, the viral video(s) showing scary sounds – mentioning earthly dragons and warning of impending dangers – are doctored. Police detained at least four residents for spreading the rumors online.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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