Spirit Rises from Dead Woman’s Body in Hospital: Video – Facts

Picture Suggesting Spirit Rises from Dead Woman's Body in Hospital, Video
Spirit Rises from Dead Woman's Body in Hospital, Video


Spirit rises from dead woman’s body in hospital – RAW footage.

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The video in heavy circulation online, also in media outlets, claims to show a shocking CCTV camera footage in a Hospital in China when a Spirit is seen Rising and Leaving from the Dead body of a Woman. The eerie hospital footage is shown as a proof that Soul exists. Although the CCTV footage of hospital showing Ghost coming out of the dead body appears realistic, the claims are not facts.

Picture Suggesting Spirit Rises from Dead Woman's Body in Hospital, Video
Spirit Rises from Dead Woman’s Body in Hospital, Video
Picture Suggesting Spirit Rises from Dead Woman's Body in Hospital, Video
Spirit Rises from Dead Woman’s Body in Hospital, Video

Shown in the Video

The supposed CCTV footage from a hospital in China appears to show a woman lying dead on bed, and soon her spirit floats out of her body, towards the door. Some videos came with the description that the footage was filmed in 2014 at around 4am, and that it proves life after death.

Origin of Story & Actual Facts

The video claiming to show Spirit leaving the dead body of a woman in hospital became popular online after it was mentioned by some news and online media outlets like Daily mailOnline website dailymail.co.uk in late July 2016. The source of the story was mentioned as TUKO website tuko.co.ke that published the video with a title ‘This video shows: death is just a beginning‘.

TUKO is a new Kenyan news portal, and like mentioned in their about information below, they also publish controversial and entertaining content. TUKO has been publishing few other ‘Ghost’ stories like a Driver Crashing his Car along Waiyaki way Saw a Ghost, and a Granddaughter narrating the day her Granny’s Ghost came.

Tuko.co.ke is a Kenyan news portal of new generation. It embodies the era in which it has been created: dynamic, informative, controversial, and entertaining.

Importantly, the video in question appeared earlier in some YouTube channels, and is sourced from a video posted by YouTube channel ‘Scary videos’ on 26 June 2016 – in Entertainment category. The original video mentions the ‘Scary videos’ channel information at the beginning and end of the video, which has been removed in other videos including the one in question. The ‘Scary videos’ channel has been posting many paranormal ghost and haunted stories to YouTube – in Entertainment category. Part of their channel information says – We love to hear about ghost we love to make stories about real ghost:

‘Scary Videos’ is a platform of most freaky and terrifying scary videos. We love to hear about ghost we love to make stories about real ghost. But what if we got a chance to meet them. This channel shares such incidents that happened in real life. This might be unbelievable for you. But yes it’s the fact. What actually do you believe? DO ghost exist or not? After watching this video it may be harder for you to make yourself believe that ‘GHOSTS DO EXIST’. It might be right in front of you or besides you. Only thing is that you are not able to see it with your bare eyes. But a cam lens can easily capture all supernatural powers presence. And ‘Scary Videos’ shares all such unexpectedly captured terrifying scary videos with you. This is all about real ghost videos.

A significant point to note, the details about the said hospital in China are nowhere mentioned. Earlier, a somewhat similar video claimed to show a terrifying moment captured by CCTV footage when a Man is knocked to the ground by a ‘Ghost’ and is dragged down a corridor. That hoax video was in fact created using CGI (Computer-generated imagery). So in current case as well, it is certainly possible that a person sleeping draped on the alleged hospital bed, was made to rise and sit slowly, and the video thus captured could be edited and aftereffects added to create the appearance of spirit rising from the dead body.

So considering the aforementioned flaws and facts, the video showing a Spirit rising from Dead Woman’s Body in a hospital in China is a hoax; it is most probably created by using visual effects. Like listed in Related Stories section below, internet space has been seeing many such paranormal claims of ghosts and spirits in recent times.

Hoax or Fact:


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