Alien Creature Caught at Kerala-Karnataka Border: Video – Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Strange Alien Creature Caught at Kerala-Karnataka Border, Video
Strange Alien Creature Caught at Kerala-Karnataka Border, Video


Very unseen strange creature found at Kerala Karnataka border on 30 Nov 2016 . this is not funny. Caught in Kerala Karnataka border. It had been eating all animals including humans. Total 4 reported and only 1 caught. Please be safe during the travel through jungle and palm trees. This is not a graphics. Source from authenticated.
It’s authenticated 100% video.

Other Versions

1. Mysterious creature caught in karnataka border in India.

2. Man eating animal caught at Kerala Karnataka border.

Fact Check:

Various stories doing rounds heavily on WhatsApp and other social networking websites show picture and video (first one in this article) of a purported mysterious Alien creature or a Man-eating animal caught at Kerala-Karnataka border in India. The animal seen in the photograph clutching at the metal cage does indeed look mysterious, and photos and videos of it went viral online, but the claim that it is an Alien creature is not a fact.

Old Video

The video said to show alien creature in Kerala-Karnataka border is in fact an old one from January 2015 when the strange creature freaked out Indonesian plantation workers at an oil palm plantation in Sibu village, Borneo. Back then too the locals feared it could be some “alien” creature and some workers reportedly hit it with sticks, before the creature is seen fleeing back into the forest.

Not Alien

Once the aforementioned incident was reported, Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) searched for the strange creature and captured it again after couple of months in early April 2015 near the same place. The truth of the matter being; the animal was not any Alien or otherworldly in origin, it was a Hairless Sun Bear with Skin Disease. Without hair and with sharp claws the Sun Bear looked mysterious and unrecognizable, and appeared like an ‘Alien’.

The SFC authorities tried nursing it back to health and sent the diseased Sun Bear to Matang Wildlife Centre for rehabilitation. But unfortunately, the hairless sun bear Died from Cancer in mid May 2015. SFC said the bear was a very old one. Sun Bears are native to the region, and are an endangered and protected species in Malaysia. They are reportedly endangered for some time due to the palm oil industry.

Hoax or Fact:



Months-long search for hairless ‘sun bear’ over

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