Video of Big Strange Bird on Italy Church: Fact Check

Image about Video of Big Strange Bird on Italy Church
Video of Big Strange Bird on Italy Church


Big Strange Bird in Italy Church.
Weird things happening in the world right now.

Other Versions

1. Devil appears on top of a Church in Italy

2. Appearance of Demon Bird on top of a Church in Italy

3. (Hindi)
इटली में चर्च पर अजीब परिंदा जैसा जीव दिखा ।
ऐसा जीव आज तक नहीं देखा गया ।
दुनिया में इस समय बड़ी विचित्र बातें हो रही हैं ।

Fact Check:

A video is viral on social media alleging to show a Big Strange Bird on an Italy Church. Some of the accompanying messages called it a Devil, Demon and alike, adding weird things are happening in world right now. No, the video does not show any real strange demon bird on Italy Church – it is CGI.

About the Video of Strange Bird on Italy Church

The ‘strange’ claims in question are doing rounds on WhatsApp, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook among other social media platforms. Amid the Coronavirus global pandemic, some surprised viewers expressed wonder and ‘fear’ questioning what the strange creature is. Others went on to call it devil/demon bird looking like a bat. However, the watermark text in the video ‘JJPD Producciones’ reveals the matter.

YouTube channel JJPD Producciones shares videos with special effects, videos of paranormal encounters, fictional short films, horror stories and more. Earlier, the channel created a paranormal video clip of a ‘Real Mermaid‘ for the sake of entertainment. All videos from the channel are CGI/VFX.

The original video appeared on their YouTube channel in early June 2019 claiming a Demon Terrifies in Granada, a city in western Nicaragua – mentioning if it is Gargola (Gargoyle). The fictional short story over 3 minutes long mentions a tourist shooting the site saw the ‘demon bird’ to his surprise. It also mentions a rumor among the locals saying the demon lives in the cathedral church.

However, further description of the video clarifies they are paranormal videos created to entertain, adding all images shown are fiction and the video is a CGI creation. Note, the shadow patterns of the ‘demon creature’ are not in sync while climbing the Church tower and flying down.

Hoax or Fact:


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