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Dare to see: Ghost Dancing on a Tree Top in Gunung Ledang, Malaysia

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Watch: Paranormal Spirit/Devil dancing on top of a tree..

Fact Check:

A scary video in circulation on social media platforms like Twitter alleges to show a Ghost Dancing on a Tree Top in Gunung Ledang, Malaysia. Other version of messages accompanying the video with freaky sounds in background say it is some sort of spirit or devil dancing on top of the tree. No, the claims are not true – what you see in the video is a woman on top of the tree.

Not Ghost Dancing on Tree Top

The video became viral with paranormal claims because it is not so easy for a human to do such a feat. Nonetheless, what you see in the video is not any ghost, spirit or devil from Malaysia. The video in fact comes from another video viral on social media in India around September 2019, reported by Hindi News24 in Madhya Pradesh.

The woman is from Ratlam City of Madhya Pradesh, India. Unusually, she climbs up a tree, stands on top most branches and stays there for hours without any support. She keeps shaking, praying and also dancing along standing on top the tree. In the beginning, viewers were shocked at the sight of her standing on top of the tree. Local people thought the woman has some special powers, probably a miracle blessing of Baba Saahab of the nearby Dargah.

Locals also said the woman standing on top of tree does prayers, asking to forgive and give her judgment. The place of incident is near an old Agha Shah Dargah in Alot Tehsil of Ratlam city in Madhya Pradesh. Many people come to pray in the Dargah. Note, the scary sounds in the video in question are most certainly added to create the paranormal effect.

ABP News Verification

After the story of woman dancing on top of a tree went viral on social media with magical claims, ABP News went to the location for verification. The Ratlam woman was in fact dancing on a Tamarind Tree – 25 to 30 feet high – near the Dargah. When ABP News team talked to the woman, she did not mention she possessed any kind of paranormal magic.

The team also talked to a Physics professor, who revealed the branches of a Tamarind tree are known to be strong and have high capability to stand weight. He also mentions the possibility of the woman practicing to stand in between branches and balance herself on top of the tree. It can be compared somewhat similar to how circus performers manage to walk and stand on a rope tied at two ends. Without understanding this practical possibility, some local boys shot the video of the woman on tree and made it viral on TikTok with paranormal/magical claims.

Image of The woman talking to media
The woman talking to media

So, the claims saying the unusual video shows a Ghost Dancing on a Tree Top in Malaysia or some other place are just hoaxes. What you see in the video is a woman from Madhya Pradesh (India) doing the unusual act of climbing a Tamarind tree and standing/dancing/praying there on top for a while.

Hoax or Fact:


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