Warning to Forward Ghost Story of a Girl Dead in an Accident: Hoax

Picture about Warning to Forward Ghost Story of a Girl Dead in an Accident
Warning to Forward Ghost Story of a Girl Dead in an Accident

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एक लडकी की अनोखी कहानी जरूर पडना
Horror message

कृपया ध्यान दे

ये msg पड़ने से पहले कसम कहा लो की ये msg 25 लोगो को फ़ॉरवर्ड करना हे. और अगर नही सैंड कर सकते हो तो msg को मत पड़ना

मेरा नाम पायल है। मे 21 साल की हूँ। मे बिल्कुल आप जेसी ही हूँ। पर एक फर्क है मुझमे और आप में क्या मे आपको बता सकती हु के मे मर चुकी हु। सिर्फ यही फर्क हे मुझे पता था आप यकीन नही मानोगे कुछ महीने पहले की बात हेे कुछ लड़को ने मिलकर मुझे जिन्दा जला दिया और में बहुत तड़प रही थी किसी ने मुझे बचाने की कोशिश नही की और सब अपने -2 काम में और कुछ ने मोबाइल से मेरे जलते हुए शरीर की वीडियो रिकॉर्ड कर ली ताकि सबको दिखा सके तभी किसी ने पुलिस को खबर कर दी तब मुजे तलाश करने पुलिस आई। लोगो ने भी उनके डर के मारे लड़को का साथ दिया और कहा कि इसने अपने आप आग लगा ली पुलिस ने उनकी बात मान ली। पुलिस ने मेरे शव को गेहरे गंदे कुए में फैंक दिया मेरा पूरा शरीर जल चूका था और में मर चुकी थी
ये मेसेज पूरा पढ़ने के बाद आपको अपनी जान की परवाह हो तो 25 लोगो को ये मेसेज भेज दो। राहुल नामका एक लड़का जिसको ये मेसेज मिला उसने वो इस मेसेज पर हंसने लगा। जब वो नहाने गया तब उसे मेरी हंसी की सुनाई दी। वो काफी डर गया और तुरंत दौड़ के अपने सेल फोन से 25 लोगो को मेसेज करने लगा। पर तब तक बहोत देर हो चुकी थी। दूसरे दिन जब उसकी मा उस लड़के के कमरे मे आई तब उस लड़के खून से लिखा हुआ एक मेसेज पढ़ा। “अब तुम्हे वो कभी वापिस नहीं मिलेगा” कोई उसको खोज नहीं पाया, क्यो के अब वो मेरे पास है। इसी तरह आगरा के एक लड़के को ये मेसेज मिला तो उसने तुरंत ये मेसेज 25 लोगो को भेज दिया। अब मे हर पल हर क्षण उसका ख्याल रखती हु ताकी वो हर खतरे से सुरक्षित रहे। अब आप ये मेसेज अगले 5 मिनिट के अंदर 25लोगो को भेज दे अगर आप अपना नसीब राहुल के जेसे नहीं बनाना चाहते तो। आपका समय शुरू हो चुका है !!!!! अगर विश्वाश ना आये तो गूगल पे सर्च कर सकते है।
http://m. youtube.com/watch?v=o_a70cughDE

Picture of Story on Facebook: Warning to Forward Ghost Story of a Girl Dead in an Accident
Picture of Story on Facebook: Warning to Forward Ghost Story of a Girl Dead in an Accident


The spooky message in circulation on social media and image sharing websites mentions the Ghost story of a girl in India named Payal, and warns the reader to forward it to 25 people to avoid any ‘ghostly attacks’. Let us analyze in detail whether there are any facts associated with the horror story and the ghostly attacks mentioned.

Picture about Warning to Forward Ghost Story of a Girl Dead in an Accident
Warning to Forward Ghost Story of a Girl Dead in an Accident

The Claims in Story

The horror message starts by saying it should be forwarded to 25 people and should not be read otherwise. It is presented as a 21 year old girl Payal speaking for herself, saying she is just like anyone of us, but the only difference being – she is dead. A small group of boys burnt her alive, but no one came to her rescue. And as she was suffering, some got away with their own work, and few captured her video so that they can show it to others. Later when someone reported to police, they came in search of her. When they inquired the people at the spot, out of fear, they seem to have supported the criminal boys, saying the girl burnt herself alive. Police believed in them and threw away her completely burnt dead body into a spoilt well.

The message goes on to warn the reader that if he fears his life, he should forward her story to 25 people. Payal mentions a case of Rahul, who read the message and discards forwarding it, laughing at the paranormal claims. Later, while taking bath, he hears Payal laughing at him, and having got scared of it he runs to grab his mobile and forward the message to others. But because it was too late, the boy was perhaps killed and taken away by Payal, as the next day, Rahul’s mother sees in his room a message written in his blood saying she won’t get her son back. Payal also mentions another case of an Agra boy who read the message and forwarded to others, and that she protects him from any troubles. Finally, the message warns the reader has 5 minutes to forward the message to 25 people, and mentions that the reader can also Google about her story.

The message also carries a link to a YouTube video titled ‘A CURVA aka Teresa Fidalgo Ghost (Original),’ which allegedly shows a scary true story that occurred on 12th July 2003 when David Rebordao and a couple of his friends went scouting for a location for his next movie called “VIRUS”. The footage was supposedly recorded by David’s camera and is proof of the tragic accident that happened that night when a dead girl Teresa Fidalgo (appearing as normal person, i.e. Ghost) joined them in car for lift (see the spooky video in this article).

Facts about Payal Incident

Although the ghostly story of Payal appears scary to readers, there are no credible news reports about any such incident to have occurred in India. Notably, the alleged Payal’s case and that of Teresa Fidalgo are actually unrelated. While Payal is said to be burnt alive, the other girl shown in the video supposedly died on a mountain road.

Facts about Teresa Fidalgo Accident

Similar to the Payal’s ghostly story, the tale of Teresa Fidalgo warns the reader to post the message on 20 other photos so as to avoid any ghost attack, also mentioning that a girl who ignored the warning had to face the consequence of her mother’s death 29 days later.

If you stop reading this you are gonna die,
My name is Teresa Fidalgo, if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever. This girl ignored and 29 days later her mom died. I am real you can search me up on google

The dead girl meeting and causing accident stories have been circulating online in many versions, with many names, mentioning various places. However, the original video mentioning the tale of Teresa Fidalgo was in fact uploaded to YouTube in ‘Film & Animation’ Category back on 17 Feb 2014. It was a viral video titled ‘A Curva’ coming from Portuguese producer/director David Rebordão, as a part of “Blair Witch Project”. The description of his YouTube channel is given below. And according to Independent news website independent.co.uk, David Rebordão has admitted that the ghost story of Teresa Fidalgo is fake, also saying to Channel TVI that he was very surprised by the story’s success and longevity.

I’m a portuguese movie director and I use this channel to promote my work. Short movies, music videos, commercials and previews of upcoming works. All this you can find at my channel. Hope you enjoy.

A quite similar hoax story in past asked readers to share Picture of a Ghost under Hospital Bed, so that the Ghost shall not collect your soul. So considering all the aforementioned facts, it is clear that a girl named Payal was not burnt alive and another one Teresa Fidalgo didn’t die on a mountain road, and none of them are going to haunt or kill readers through social media. Online readers are advised not to believe in such baseless hoax stories and forward the unnecessary fear to others.

Hoax or Fact:


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