Woman’s Corpse Looks the Same 14 Years After Burial: Photograph – Facts

Picture that Woman's Corpse Looks the Same 14 Years After Burial, Photograph
Woman's Corpse Looks the Same 14 Years After Burial, Photograph


Woman’s Corpse Found Intact 14 years After Burial (Photo)

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1. Woman Corpse Looks the Same 14 Years After Burial (Photo)

2. Woman’s corpse exhumed, found intact 14 years after burial


An interesting story widely seen on social media sites, also reported in few online outlets, claims to show the photograph of a Woman’s Dead Body Exhumed from 14 Years Old Grave, saying that it was still found Intact, without getting spoiled over years of burial. So let us analyze whether or not the too good to be true claims are facts.

Origin of Photograph

The story originated from a Facebook post of Nigerian, Bamswaga Guru Adebambo on 13 August 2016, where he shared the photograph and mentioned a woman’s body buried about 14 years back was exhumed due to recent road construction going on in Epe town of Lagos, and that it was surprisingly found intact. The user also suggests it as a miracle of God saying Allahu Akbar (meaning God is greater):

Can someone shout a BIG ALLAHU AKBAR.A woman that died for abt 14 years back.And has been berried. they nw went to uproot it,due to the road construction that is going on at epe, unfortunately they met it as it was berried right from year 2002 to now 2016. ALLAHU AKBAR

No Plausible Evidence

From his posts on Facebook, Bamswaga Guru Adebambo appears to be quite a religious believer and a young man in age. He shared the story on his Facebook page tagging many people. Significantly, apart from his claim, there is no supportive evidence or credible report of any such body exhuming reported in Nigeria. Then there are certain questions like why the drape cloth over the allegedly exhumed dead body is clean-white without any dirt marks and why a body buried inside a room/house is exhumed for road construction. There’s the possibility it could be the burial of a fresh dead body, or a case of mummified body that did not get spoiled much. Notably, if you observe carefully the mud region and surroundings, the allegedly exhumed grave place does not look like it is 14 years old. The second picture below shows a somewhat similar under construction grave of Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, the ex-Governor of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The similar burial place was made in Nigeria in the year 2012, so the current grave construction seen in the photograph, well furnished with tiles and all, could not have been possible 14 years back (in 2002) in Nigeria.

Picture of Under construction grave in Nigeria
Under construction grave in Nigeria

So considering the lack of credible reports and the aforementioned observations, the stories saying a woman’s corpse in Nigeria was found intact 14 years after burial are most certainly hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:


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