American Govt. Issued Dollar Currency with Ambedkar Photo: Fact Check

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American Government Issued a Dollar Currency with Dr Ambedkar Photo

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1. जो काम भारत नहीं कर पाया वह काम अमेरिका ने कर दिखाया, अमेरिका की करेंसी पर बाबा साहब अंबेडकर का फोटो

2. अमेरिका ने डॉलर के नोट पर डॉ. अंबेडकर की फोटो छापी  है

Fact Check:

Various picture messages doing rounds on social media and image sharing platforms allege to show American Government Issued a 100 Dollar Currency Note with Dr. Ambedkar Photo. Accompanying messages also mention America managed to do what India could not. No, the viral claims are not true – the American 100 Dollar with Ambedkar photo is not real.

No American Dollar with Ambedkar Photo

Over the years, there have been requests from people and some organizations to the Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India to print the image of B.R. Ambedkar on currency notes. They said it would be a mark of respect for Babasaheb Ambedkar, the architect of Indian Constitution and leader of the downtrodden. However, as of this writing, it did not happen in India. The messages in circulation are perhaps suggesting same.

American 100 dollar currency note with Benjamin Franklin photo
American 100 dollar currency note with Benjamin Franklin photo

There are no credible reports suggesting American government has printed Ambedkar photo on their currency notes. Apart from some changes in design, since 1914 America has always printed Benjamin Franklin photograph on 100 dollar currency note. America never printed photographs of any other personality outside their country on 100 dollars currency note. As you can see the original 100 dollar bill, photograph of Ambedkar is added in place of Benjamin Franklin.

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