Modi’s Government Wins the UN Award – Facts Analysis

Picture about Modi's Government Wins the UN Award
Modi's Government Wins the UN Award


Shri Narendra Modi
Gujarat Govt. is 2nd best state Govt. in the world as announced by international… council of UN.

Before 10 year they had 50,000 crores loan in world bank. But today they’ve deposited 1 lac crore in world bank.
In Gujarat: “No Bar””No Power Cut””

15 % of Whole India Export is from Gujarat

“30% OF Indian Share Market Invests by Gujarat”



The message claims Modi’s Gujarat government as 2nd best state governments in the world with various statistics. It is a fact that the development of Gujarat government has won the United Nations Public Service Award (UN award) in the category of Improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in the public service in the year 2010 for its statewide Attention on Grievances with Application of Technology (SWAGAT) programme, but this 2nd place UN award comes in the region wise category of Asia Pacific, next to South Korea. You can see the certificate of award in image below.

Picture of Certificate of Award
Certificate of Award

The Modi’s Gujarat government also won a UNPS award in the year 2009 in the category of Fostering participation in policy-making decisions through innovative mechanisms in the Asia Pacific region. This UN award was for the quality drinking water supply, monitoring and sanitation management, which played a good role in the development of Gujarat.

The part of the statement saying Gujarat had 50,000 Crores loan in World Bank could be true, because World Bank does give loans and grants to developing nations, and this article of Business Standard states that World Bank granted a loan of $550 million to Gujarat government for the development of Gujarat in terms of its state highways. But there is no reason and proper evidence to show that Gujarat government has deposited 1 lac crore in World Bank. Moreover, the World Bank is not a bank as such to deposit money and earn interest, it is a specialized agency of UN. Below is a para from world bank website that defines its function:

Not a bank, but rather a specialized agency. The World Bank is not a “bank” in the common sense. It is one of the United Nations’ specialized agencies, and is made up of 184 member countries. These countries are jointly responsible for how the institution is financed and how its money is spent. Along with the rest of the development community, the World Bank centers its efforts on the reaching the Millennium Development Goals, agreed to by UN members in 2000 and aimed at sustainable poverty reduction.

Alcohol is banned in Gujarat, therefore no bars are available officially. Also there are no major power cuts since the government started the Jyoti Gram Yojana project. For this reasons, Gujarat is considered as one of the best states in India.

Gujarat contributes about 16 per cent of total Indian exports and 30 per cent of the stock market capitalization. Refer

And lastly, yes all those top notch companies of TATA, HUNDAI, FORD, RELIANCE, HONDA, BMW, NOKIA are situated in Gujarat, paving a way for the development of Gujarat.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.


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