Photograph of Jashodaben Statement Against Narendra Modi: Fact Check

About Photograph of Jashodaben Statement Against Narendra Modi
Photograph of Jashodaben Statement Against Narendra Modi


When my husband could not become mine, how will he become yours or other Indians? – Jashodaben Statement Against Modi.

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जब मेरे पति मेरे नहीं हो सके तो आपके या देश वासियों के कैसे हो सकेंगे

क्या यही है महिला सशक्तिकरण…?

 – जशोदाबेन मोदी

Fact Check:

A photograph is circulating online claiming to show Jashodaben holding a placard and making a Statement Against her Husband Narendra Modi. The Hindi text on it questions – when my husband could not become mine, how will he become yours or other Indians’? It also questions if this is women empowerment. No, the claims are not true – the long-estranged wife of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not make any such statement.

About Jashodaben and Her Marriage with Narendra Modi

Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi is a retired school teacher living with her brother Ashokbhai Modi at his house in Unjha, spending time in Bhakti (prayer). In their teenage, Narendra Modi and Jashodaben were married in 1968 in a traditional arranged set up in Vadnagar, a small town in Gujarat. Not long after marriage, Modi left home to travel India, asking Jashodaben to pursue her studies at her parent’s place. Jashodaben estimates over the three-year period around the marriage, she spent about three months with her husband.

For most of his political career, Narendra Modi did not publicly acknowledge that he was married. He in fact left his marital status blank on several election registration forms when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat State. However, during 2014 campaign as a candidate for Prime Minister, after increased scrutiny, he declared Jashodaben as his wife. His elder brother Sombhai Modi explained the marriage was forced on Modi by his parents when he was a teenager in keeping with the old orthodox tradition of fixing marriages between children. He also said the marriage was never consummated as Modi walked out of it soon after it was solemnized.

Did Jashodaben Make Statement Against Modi?

No, the long-estranged wife of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not make any such statements against him. There’s another, similar picture popular online appearing to show Jashodaben making a statement in Hindi, again against her husband Narendra Modi. It tells people not to vote for Modi again in 2019 and allow him ruin the nation like he did it with his wife.

In both cases, a close observation will reveal the photographs are not entirely genuine and there are visible Photoshop signs. The texts in Hindi are products of image editing and do not show any such real statements of Jashodaben Modi. The original photograph of Jashodaben is an old one from November 2014 showing a copy of RTI she filed regarding concerns about her security as wife of Indian Prime Minister.

Through a Right to Information application, Jashodaben Modi sought details about the security arrangements that she and other family members of the PM are entitled to as per protocol. In her RTI application in Gujarati language, she also expressed her apprehension over Indira Gandhi’s assassination by her security guards. She turned up at the office of Mehsana district Superintendent of Police and submitted the RTI application. After filing the RTI and expressing apprehensions about her life, Jashodaben also said she was ready to go and live with Modi in Delhi and wanted her husband to accept her. The English translation of the RTI application in Gujarati is available on Ahmedabad Mirror website

So, Jashodaben did not make statements complaining about her husband Narendra Modi leaving her. Neither did she tell people not vote for him again during 2019 elections. The photographs are simply Photoshop creations using an old, unrelated image.

Hoax or Fact:


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