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Swiss Bank Statement to Government of India


Swiss Bank Statement:

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Swiss bank and wiki-leaks have been the talk of the town in India after the improved concern over black money in India. This message is another hoax, coming with a fake letter, claiming it to be a real letter of statement from Swiss bank to government of India.

There are so many false features in the letter that clearly show that it is a fake letter generated only for publicity. Firstly, the official address to India is Government of India and not Indian Government. Secondly, the amount in the bank accounts are mentioned in INR, that too using Indian comma system, whereas Swiss bank operates in US dollars, euro pound, and GB pound, not INR. There is also absolutely no necessary rule to show percentages of deposits from other countries like Russia and china. The telephone code of the bank mentioned in the address section of the letter is 0044, which is actually the code for UK. The international code of Switzerland is 0041. Also, the sign of the bank manager is on the right side end of the letter, where as the European system of communication and correspondence uses the left corner of the page for signatures.

Most important fact is Swiss bank has no right to send a statement and direct the Government of India to see into the Tax returns of its depositors. Therefore, the letter is another hoax message in the name of black money in India. In the reference section, you can find related hoax messages about black money in India.

Hoax or Fact:



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