Vladimir Putin Will Sing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration: Hoax

Picture Suggesting Vladimir Putin Will Sing at Donald Trump's Inauguration
Vladimir Putin Will Sing at Donald Trump's Inauguration


Vladimir Putin Will Sing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration

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Putin to Sing at Trump Inauguration


A story in circulation on social media sites claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to Sing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration, i.e. Swearing-in Ceremony as the President of United States of America. No, the claim as such is simply a Political Satire and is not a fact.

Origin of Story

On 18 December 2016 an article on The New Yorker website newyorker.com published The Borowitz Report saying the Russian President Putin is going to Sing at Trump Inauguration:

After having difficulty persuading prominent entertainers to participate at the event, the Trump transition team announced on Sunday that the Russian President Vladimir Putin would sing at Donald J. Trump’s Inauguration next month.

The Borowitz Report is however The New Yorker’s satire website and the current claim is a political humour on Donald Trump’s Inauguration. To add a bit more to the humour, the article concludes by mentioning Putin to have said that he would serenade Trump by singing the Bette Midler classic, “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

Few days after the aforementioned ‘The Borowitz Report,’ another satirical publication National Report website nationalreport.net came up with somewhat similar article (deleted later) saying the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin will reportedly sing Fats Domino’s 1956 hit “Blueberry Hill” at Donald Trump’s inaugural ceremony via live video hook-up. The satirical humour line in this case being, “President Putin wishes to further bridge the perceived divide between our two nations using music — the universal language.”

Screenshot of article on National Report website
Screenshot of article on National Report website

Post the aforementioned political satires, social media users have been sharing the fake news about Putin performing at Trump’s Inauguration. But as a matter of fact, Donald Trump has not attracted a wealth of star power to his Inaugural ceremony scheduled on 20 Jan. 2017 in Washington D.C, mostly due to his pre-election campaign rife with rhetoric against Muslims and immigrants. In December 2016 Trump in fact tweeted about the difficulties to book big-name celebrities for his swearing-in ceremony:

As of 8 Jan 2017, according to a related article on CNN website edition.cnn.com, the celebrities confirmed to perform at Trump’s Inaugural ceremony are Jackie Evancho, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The Rockettes and the Talladega Marching Tornadoes. Nonetheless, the Russian President Vladimir Putin is not going to sing any kind of song at the Donald Trump’s Inaugural ceremony, the stories saying so are simply political satire, just meant for humour.

Hoax or Fact:


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