Alabama Woman Gives Birth to Human-Goat Baby: Fact Check

Picture about Alabama Woman Gives Birth to Human-Goat Baby
Alabama Woman Gives Birth to Human-Goat Baby


Woman who claimed to be Pregnant by Goat, actually Gives Birth to Human/Goat Baby.

Other Versions

1. Alabama Woman claims she is the First Ever to be Impregnated by a Goat.

2. Woman Gives Birth to a Human-Goat Hybrid.

Fact Check:

A bizarre story in circulation online states that an Alabama woman who claimed to be Impregnated by a Goat actually gave Birth to a Human-Goat Hybrid Baby shown in the Picture. No, as detailed below, the claim is not a fact.

Origin of Story

In mid March 2016 News 4 KTLA website published an article about a 22-year-old Alabama woman, Janice Gilbert. She claimed she is the first ever to be impregnated by a Goat. Janice Gilbert reportedly explains she got impregnated by her father’s goat named ‘Nibbles’ after her husband was known to be infertile. In the following months, the story was reproduced in at least couple of other websites like and, showing a picture and saying Janice Gilbert actually gave birth to a Human-Goat Hybrid Baby.

Not Facts

Like mentioned in News 4 KTLA article, there are no credible reports of any woman reporting pregnancy by a goat. News 4 KTLA website has been publishing many fake, crime stories as local and national news. For example, earlier they published a fake story saying a 9 year old boy murdered his parents after they turned off Wi-Fi for punishment. And the other websites Now8News and Taiviral have both been publishing many such crazy false stories that are far from facts.

About the Picture

The picture shown as a Human-Goat hybrid baby is in fact the carcass of a Baby Goat bearing similarities of a human baby. The baby goat belonged to a farmer Ibrahim Basir in village of Felda in southern Malaysia. The strange looking baby goat was unfortunately found dead. People handed it over to district veterinary department to carry out investigation.

To Conclude

The stories in question are simply hoaxes originating from fake news articles. As a matter of fact, animals belonging to different genus cannot mingle and reproduce naturally.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla