Alien Creature Crossing Road in Idaho, Video: Fact Check

Image about Alien Creature Crossing Road in Idaho, Video
Alien Creature Crossing Road in Idaho, Video


Never Seen Before Alien Creature Crossing a Silent Road in Caldwell City, Idaho.
The Government will never show you this..

Fact Check:

An interesting video is doing rounds online alleging to show a never seen before Alien creature crossing road in Caldwell City of Idaho, United States. It appears to show a strangely thin creature having four long legs and a tail crawling across a silent road during dark hours. Accompanying message also mentions the government will never show you about it. No, the Alien claims are not true – the video is just a digital artwork.

Not Alien Creature Crossing Road in Idaho

Earlier, somewhat similar video became viral on internet space alleging to show a Zombie like creature crawling slowly over a footpath at night. In that case, the creature happened to be a real, not very popular mammal called Sloth. So, viewers wondered if this too is real.

The video in question is in fact a digital artwork of Shortest Blockbusters appearing on their Instagram account. They shared the animation video of the Alien creature with a description asking viewers to ‘Imagine this creature walking in your neighborhood‘.

So, what you see in the video is just an animation and not any alien creature government is hiding. The artist has also shared many similar animated videos of the creature among others alike.

Hoax or Fact:


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