Alien Killed and Captured by a Chinese Farmer – Hoax

Picture about Alien Killed and Captured by a Chinese Farmer
Alien Killed and Captured by a Chinese Farmer


A Chinese farmer named Li Kai from Shandong Binzhou posted online claiming that, three months ago, he encountered five “aliens” in a flying saucer on the shore of China’s Yellow River. After electrocuting one of them to death, he hid it in his own warehouse.

Li Kai claimed that, on the night of March 9, at about 2am, he went to the shore of the Yellow River to check the electrified wire netting he placed there for catching wild rabbits, never expecting that night would be different from other nights. On other nights, he would have caught several wild rabbits, but that night there wasn’t a single hare that had been electrocuted. As he checked, he felt a beam of light shining behind his back, turned around and was startled. “An unidentified flying object like a UFO was suspended above the shore of the Yellow River. I had no idea when my bicycle had gone under that flying saucer, and then five aliens came down one after another,” Li Kai told this reporter. Seeing this situation, he too was freaked out, but he still managed to take a photo with his cell phone.

And just as he was taking the photo, he discovered his bicycle being sucked away by the flying saucer. Seeing this, Li Kai angrily picked up rocks on the Yellow River shore used for flood prevention and threw them. “The rocks shattered into small pieces”. Under attack, the aliens began chasing Li Kai. “The alien who was running in the front just happened to run onto the electrified wire netting and was electrocuted to death.” According to Li Kai, while he was running towards his home, he felt a flash of light flying to the north-west direction. “The other aliens went into the spaceship and flew away”.

Li Kai said after he returned to his warehouse, he hurriedly barricaded the door to his home. After seven to eight minutes without hearing a sound, the curious Li Kai wanted called to his neighbors to come with him to the Yellow River shore again but his knocking on their doors failed to wake the sleeping neighbors. So he had no choice but to bring along his big dog to embolden himself, and with a stick in his hand, he went back to the Yellow River shore alone. When he reached the river side, Mr. Li found that the alien lying face-down on the ground with its back to the sky. To confirm whether it was dead or alive, he poked it with his stick, and there was no movement, but then had his big dog sniff it to make sure it was indeed dead before he let his guard down. Then, he wrapped it with a blanket from his car and bought it back to his warehouse, and put it into the freezer. He wanted to call the police immediately, but both numbers on his cell phone had no signals, so he had to give up.

Picture about Alien Killed and Captured by a Chinese Farmer
Alien Killed and Captured by a Chinese Farmer


A Chinese farmer named Li Kai claimed in June 2013 that 3 months back, he has witnessed five aliens around a flying saucer near the banks of China’s Yellow river, and while he was escaping from them, an alien running after him was electrocuted to death by a rabbit’s trap. Li claims that he had brought back the dead body of the alien and stored it in a freezer, the pictures of which he has shared online. It is a fact that such an incident was reported by the Chinese farmer Li Kai, but it was soon known to be a hoax.

These pictures of a supposed alien stored in a freezer soon caught attention of many people and also raised questions about its authenticity, following which Li Kai was detained by police for questioning. Initially, Li insisted that his story of alien sighting was real and that DNA tests proved the ‘alien’ was not from earth. Li also claimed to his followers that the police had blocked this news of alien and pressurized him to keep quiet. But later, after the Shandong police investigated into his claims, they realized it was a fabricated story. Li admitted to the police that his story of alien sighting was a hoax, and the spooky ‘alien’ discovery was in fact a home-made rubber alien.

The alien creature was made from rubber, bone glue and wire in a ruse, for which Li spent 120 Yuan (£12.50). Li also disclosed that he was inspired by the Simon Pegg film “Paul”.

So killing an alien by electrocuting it and then storing it in a freezer is a fabricated story of Li Kai. The fake extra-terrestrial creature is just a man-made rubber toy. The video above shows a news report briefing about this interesting alien hoax. This story reminds about an elaborate hoax of a baby alien that was claimed to have been found in a Mexican farm.

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