Amazing Colosseum Carved into Tooth – Facts Analysis

Picture about Amazing Colosseum Carved into Tooth
Amazing Colosseum Carved into Tooth


Amazing fact: Colosseum carved into a tooth.

Other Versions

1. You Won’t Believe These Mind-Blowing Sculptures Are Real Teeth.

2. Yep, a microscopic carving of the Colosseum in a tooth.

3. The Coliseum in Rome carved in a human tooth.


The messages come with a picture claiming to show a human tooth into which a Roman Colosseum is carved amazingly. Although the picture appears somewhat real, the claims in the message are indeed hoax.

Picture of Colosseum Tooth Sculpture CGI
Colosseum Tooth Sculpture CGI

A Colosseum is a large building, like a stadium or theatre, which is used for entertainment, sports and others. The picture shows once such ancient amphitheater in Rome, but it is neither carving nor real tooth, it is simply a CGI, i.e. computer generated imagery. The ‘colosseum tooth sculpture’ was in fact a part of toothpaste advertisement campaign for Maxam, the design of which was envisioned by agency JWT Shanghai.

Picture of Colosseum Tooth Sculpture CGI
Colosseum Tooth Sculpture CGI

As you can see the original two pictures above, the idea of this toothpaste advertisement campaign was to convey this “Roman Civilization Cavity”, i.e. not to let germs settle down on your teeth, or else you will have to end up with such a “Colosseum” cavity. The two CGI sculptures related to Civilization-Egypt and Civilization-Rome.

Therefore, the CGI picture neither shows a real tooth, nor a colosseum carved into it. It is not so amazing fact, but a good health campaign nevertheless! And for those of you who like to know, there are few fine artists who do carve sculptures out of human tooth, an example of which you can read here.

Hoax or Fact:



A Roman Cavity
CGI Maxam Toothpaste, JWT Shanghai

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