Awesome Bus U-Turn Ever Seen on Earth, Video: Fact Check

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Awesome Bus U-Turn Ever Seen on Earth, Video


Video of Awesome Bus U Turn ever seen on Earth
God knows from which driving school he learned driving

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Fact Check:

A ‘crazy’ video is viral online claiming to show an Awesome and Dangerous Bus U-Turn Ever Seen on Earth. The 53-seconds video appears to show a bus taking dangerous uphill U turn, which in fact scared many viewers. Thankfully, the video is not real – the scary footage is coming from some sort of game explained here.

Not Video of Real Bus U Turn

The video in question is popular online since at least March 2020 with many descriptions. The low resolution footage appeared like a real incident. However, a close look into the details inside the video reveals it is not real. In the first place, the position of a camera capturing the scene from such an angle is unlikely. Moreover, the vegetation on right side bottom does not look real. Look closely in the video, when the bus comes in contact with the vegetation on right side, you can see visible CGI/editing marks. At the end of the video also, you can see trees clipping into the back of the bus. These errors are not clearly visible in less resolution videos doing rounds on WhatsApp and other social media, video sharing websites.

So, what you see is not a real bus U turn video, it is coming from some sort of gaming. While some viewers commented it comes from vehicle simulation video game, many others said it is Euro Truck Simulator 2 with Bus Mod. For your reference, a Euro truck simulator 2 Bus mod video below shows an unbelievable driving on dangerous road.

The video in question appeared in the beginning in many memes suggesting it is just about making U turn, questioning why scream. Later it also appeared with stories saying the bus was forced to take U turn due to deadly COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, the earliest presence of the video we could find is a YouTube video uploaded on 27th March 2020. Note, the video ends with possible credits in Chinese. In the video also, there’s a light Chinese watermark at the bottom right.

So, it is possible the Bus simulator game comes from some Chinese sources and appeared as a means of entertainment.

Another, Real Video

Although the video of crazy bus U turn is not real, this reminds us of another, real video from past showing a terrifying U turn. On 16th March 2018, an oil tank truck makes a precarious U turn on a narrow road of Chongqing city in Southwest China. Part of the back truck almost hung over the cliff as the driver made a U-turn on the narrow road. At the time, the video went viral on Chinese internet space.

Hoax or Fact:


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