Beautiful Picture of Heart River in North Dakota: Fact Check

Image about Beautiful Picture of Heart River in North Dakota
Beautiful Picture of Heart River in North Dakota


Heart River, North Dakota USA.

Other Versions

1. The Heart River – tributary of the Missouri River- western North Dakota- USA

2. The Heart River near Mandan, Northern Dakota. Heart River is an influent of the Missouri River. It is almost 290 kilometers long. It is joined by the green river at Gladstone.

Fact Check:

A beautiful picture is in heavy circulation online alleging to show Heart River in Northern region of Dakota, USA. Accompanying messages claim the heart-shaped land and water form is a tributary of the Missouri River almost 290 kilometers long. No, the claims are not true – what you see in the picture is not real.

Not the Heart River in North Dakota

There’s in fact a real river called Heart River in Billings County of Southwestern region of North Dakota in United States. The river rises in the badlands and flows about 200 miles (320 km) generally Eastward past Dickinson to join the Missouri River, South of Mandan. Like mentioned in some messages, it is joined by the Green River at Gladstone. In the pictures below, you can see Upstream and Downstream views of the Heart River near Mandan.

As such, the real Heart River does not appear in the shape of heart. What you see in the photograph is not Heart River in Northern region of Dakota. It is a CGI product of Vienna Paint, a Creative Digital Art Company in Austria creating most realistic unrealistic images for their clients. You can see below some similar computer generated imageries of Vienna Paint. Note, the picture and the false story also appeared widely on funny meme websites.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax with some valid information.

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