Bigfoot Caught on Camera by Virginia Man: Facts

Picture about Bigfoot Caught on Camera by Virginia Man
Bigfoot Caught on Camera by Virginia Man


Bigfoot Caught on Camera by Virginia Man.

Recent Bigfoot Sighting: Sasquatch Caught on Camera by Virginia Man. Photographs of Bigfoot. The Yeti is real. Bigfoot captured on camera in Virginia off the shore of the Intercoastal Waterways. Finally, a photo that is not blurry nor hidden behind a tree. A clear photo of Bigfoot standing out in the wide open. You be the judge.


A video that comes with couple of pictures and description text of a story claims to show that the mythical beast Bigfoot exists. Let us analyze the facts about these pictures and video that went viral online.

Picture about Bigfoot Caught on Camera by Virginia Man
Bigfoot Caught on Camera by Virginia Man

About the Video

On 28 June 2014, Virginia resident Randy O’Neal posted the video to YouTube saying his dad and uncle caught two still photographs of what is believed to be Bigfoot or Sasquatch (another term for Bigfoot) while fishing at a shore of the Intercoastal Waterway in Virginia. The photographs appear to show a large, black figure bent over a tree trunk near water. Although the two shots are quite clear, they are taken from faraway place, so zooming in distorts the image and does not reveal the identity of the ‘creature’ in question. Along with the pictures, Randy O’Neal describes an encounter he supposedly had with the beast 25 years ago:

“Today, I became a believer. My Dad took these pictures with his call phone. This story is over 25-years-old. Approximately 25 years ago My dad, a friend of ours, and myself had a late night run in with an unknown creature. It was around 9 pm and we had been camping / fishing / shooting beer cans etc. We had settled down for the night on a remote creekside in Va. about 5 miles from civilization, off the intercoastal waterway. As the campfire flickered, I (about 15 years old at the time) kept seeing a set of red eyes watching us from the bushes behind us. This went on for what seemed like hours, but was probably only about 20 minutes.

Eventually, My dad got tired of listening to me be a “Chicken Shit” and handed me the shotgun. (We kept one handy for snakes) He said: “Shoot the damn thing”. At that point in time, I didn’t see it. I said, “Dad, I only see it when the campfire flickers a certain way”. “Then just shoot where you think it is,” said my Dad. So I did. When I shot, whatever I shot let out the most blood curdeling scream you could ever imagine. We heard it tear off through the woods and it hit the water. When this “Thing” hit the water, it sounded like a Volkswagen had been dropped into the water.

Needless to say, that got Daddy’s attention. For a long time that night, we felt like we were walking on eggshells; scared to blink. We never heard anything else. The following morning we went to where we heard the creature and we were shocked. The path that the creature cleared through the woods as it headed for the water was cleared as if a skid steer had gone through the woods. Not a sapling one was left standing. For 25 years, this has been a story that we could only share with the kids and grandkids and honestly, we have always wondered.

Today, June 28, 2014, my Dad and the friend (Uncle Jap), were fishing near the location and they caught these photographs. It is still unknown what this is and it is not known if this is the same thing I shot 25 years ago. These pictures are very clear and not blurred. Anyone with good camera equipment can dissect these pictures. We are not claiming that this is a “Bigfoot”, but I promise you that whatever I shot was something that I have never seen or heard before nor again in my life. These pictures are original. Taken today 06/28/2014 using a Verizon Wireless cellular phone. Make what you want of it, but this is real shit. My memories and experiences have made me a believer. Here are the pictures again. Feel free to pause, copy, zoom, dissect or whatever you need to do to prove this fake. I can honestly say that these are the clearest, most “Non Blurred” images I personally have ever seen. Let forensics do their work.”

Skeptic View

The video was uploaded in ‘Entertainment’ category by Randy O’Neal, who, as mentioned in his Blog, makes money on YouTube and has the background of being a hunter. Randy usually posts informative videos about using Microsoft’s OneNote in his YouTube channel.

Apart from the two photographs, there is no other credible evidence of the incident describing the sight of Bigfoot. Also to note that the precise location of the said incident is not given. It is not clear after how much time the two photographs (from different angles) were taken, but the position of the ‘creature’ doesn’t change, because of which skeptics have suggested it could just be a tree trunk, which is perhaps burnt dark. Since many years, there have been many false claims of Bigfoot from people, like the one described here.

So considering the aforementioned facts, it can be inferred that the claim of Bigfoot sighting by a Virginia man is a hoax. The ‘creature’ in the photographs could either be a burnt tree trunk, or the story is a staged hoax, using an idol or a man dressed like Bigfoot.

Hoax or Fact:



Bigfoot ‘photographed in Virginia by man who saw it 25 years ago

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