Bizarre Phenomenon: Philippines’ First Recorded Snowfall Video – Facts

Picture about Bizarre Phenomenon, Philippines' First Recorded Snowfall Video
Bizarre Phenomenon, Philippines' First Recorded Snowfall Video


Philippines’ First Recorded Snowfall: Bizarre Phenomenon

A bizarre highly unusual phenomenon shocked the southern Philippine residents as of this 8:00 am (UTC+08:00) there were confirmed reports that a 3 straight hours of heavy snowfall was reported to certain areas in the Southern region.


This is a video that claimed to show Philippines’ first recorded Snowfall, a bizarre phenomenon in the country. Although the video appears like a news report, the incident mentioned is not a fact.

The news report in the video said that southern Philippine residents witnessed 3 straight hours of heavy Snowfall, which never happened in the country earlier. However, the exact location of the snowfall was not mentioned. The report also mentions that as a result of the heavy snowfall, crop damage worth several million dollars has occurred. However, there are no news reports of any such incident in Philippines. Philippines has a tropical maritime climate and is generally hot and humid, so snowfall is not expected to happen in the country. And as mentioned in the video, if any such bizarre phenomenon did occur, it would have easily made into the mainstream news.

This video that went viral online was created as a breaking news report and uploaded on YouTube channel called “RodsburghNewsLive”. The RB News, as it appears in the video is not real, and the YouTube channel basically appears like a marketing stream with ‘interesting’ videos like this. Weather forecasters from the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) confirmed the video as hoax, also referring to a similar hoax video in the past titled “Snow in Baguio City Philippines”, which was posted in Feb. 2013.

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