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Blue Color Apple Made in China, Video


Blue Apple ? Made in China.

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1. Ever seen Blue Apple?

2. Blue Colored Apple in China

Fact Check:

An interesting video popular online purports to show a fantastic Blue Color Apple made in China. It shows a person cutting a piece out of the alleged, unusual blue color apple grown on tree. No, the video does not actually show any Blue Colored Apple from China or any other place.

Not Blue Color Apple from China

The short ten seconds video is viral on social media, especially on video sharing platforms like Instagram and YouTube. While some viewers expressed concerns if the blue apple in video is a product of Genetic Engineering, others joked saying Roses are red and Apples are blue. Some also called it Oran Berry of Pokémon game. Nonetheless, as per available science, Nature does not grow Blue Apples. There are no news reports of any such incident in China or any other place.

Instagram user so.up.high shared the video clip in mid-October 2019 with a description saying it is ‘Blue Apple ? Made in China‘. He also mentioned ‘Video by 玩玩 蜜蜂 / ID: 686203066‘ visible on left in the video. The Instagram user so.up.high shared the video carrying a background music and mentioned tags #oddlysatisfying and #satisfyingsounds among others. Notably, the user shares many interesting videos with tags like ‘satisfyingsounds’.

What you see in the video is in fact an Apple dipped in blue color paint. You can see the painted signs in some pictures from the video. You can also observe in the background of the video, except the one blue (painted) apple, all other fruits on tree are natural in color.

Similar Videos

There’s another short video doing rounds online alleging to show a person cutting a blue colored apple with a knife.

In this case also, the apple is painted. Again, you can see normal color apples in background.

There are also videos showing such blue apples, which as a matter of fact are not even real and just visual effects. For example, back in 2011, a YouTube user skratchkojio shared a video saying – this is my blue apple, not painted and totally edible and tasty.

The low quality video was in fact made using video effects. The YouTube user accepted in comment section later saying it is just video fx.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla