Crocodile Swallows a Girl Taking Photograph by Lake: Video: Fact Check

Picture about Crocodile Swallows Up a Girl Taking Photograph by Lake, Video
Crocodile Swallows Up a Girl Taking Photograph by Lake, Video


Crocodile swallows up a girl near lake..

Other Versions

1. Girl Eaten by a Crocodile While Taking Picture

2. Alligator Eats Girl Taking a Photograph

3. Exclusive seen a girl was eaten alive by an alligator. OMG!

4. Crocodile Eat A Girl While Taking Photo Shoot For Selfie

5. Girl attacked by crocodile while trying to take selfie

Fact Check:

A ‘shocking’ video shared widely online since few years purports to show that a Crocodile Swallows up a Girl by lake while she was trying to take a photograph with her friends around. While a number of viewers thought it to be true, the alligator attack seen in the video is not real; it was rather a commercial advertisement.

The viral YouTube video was actually a part of Preview Magazine’s #ImAPreviewGirl campaign in late 2013 carrying a title ‘How Not To Instagram’. It was in fact a (funny) commercial that ends with the tagline “Choose your bag wisely” and also won couple of awards as explained in the Preview Magazine website

The original video shown above actually carried the tagline and also a link to the Preview Magazine at the end. Some online users, however, trimmed the advertisement details at the end of the video and shared it falsely as a real incident of crocodile attack. So the claim that a crocodile eats the girl taking photograph by lake is a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla