Cute and Adorable Platypus Baby, Photograph: Fact Check

Image about Cute and Adorable Platypus Baby, Photograph
Cute and Adorable Platypus Baby, Photograph


A Cute and Adorable Platypus Baby Photograph

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The most beautiful thing you’ll see today, a Platypus Baby

Fact Check:

A viral story on social media and image sharing platforms purports to show a Photograph of a Cute and Adorable Platypus Baby. It is so small and adorable, fitting inside the palm of a person holding it. Lot of viewers believed the platypus baby is real and some skeptical ones wished the cute one was real. On the other hand, some also described it as the closest we’re going to get to a baby Yoda. Nonetheless, the photograph does not show a real Platypus Baby.

Not Platypus Baby Photograph

The story in question is heavily viral on various social media and image sharing websites. However, what you see in the photograph is in fact a small rock statue (sculpture). Serbian Fantasy artist Vladimir Matić-Kuriljov created it. There are two other images of the sculpture available on ArtStation website, published in July 2019.

The artist clearly mentioned about the making on ArtStation website, calling it – Stone Platypus Baby. The sculpture is made out of Super Sculpey, a polymer clay and painted with acrylics. The fantasy artist also mentioned it is probably the cutest thing he ever made.

On the other hand, Baby Platypuses – called Puggles – look slightly different and are still cute. You can see some more pictures on Buzz Feed website Platypus is an Egg-laying mammal, especially unique with duck-like bill, beaver-like tail and otter-like feet.

Unfortunately, one of nature’s strangest creations is facing the danger of extinction due to the destruction and disruption of their habitat. So, scientists urge we need to act now and protect them.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla