Dangerous New Spider in Australia: Facts

Picture about Dangerous New Spider in Australia
Dangerous New Spider in Australia


This info re a new spider from RED CROSS !

Please ensure all the family takes a good look at this spider……….maybe some should not look at the photos of the person who got bitten on the thumb and the end result…….
but please take note of what the spider looks like.
So if it looks like a huntsman and you are not sure………unfortunately, but for your
safety’s sake……..KILL IT!!!!     (Or…avoid it….)

Watch out for this spider-Please don’t delete..forward to everyone

Other Versions

This is a new known spider, so please take note.
Has been found all over Eastern Aust and heading to WA.
Looks similar to a huntsman.

This spider is in all states so watch out.
Not a good look!!

Please take note of this spider – it is very dangerous.
Please warn kids and send to everyone you know to alert them as well!
This spider is breeding at a rate of speed and is found in more and more houses!!!!

Picture about Dangerous New Spider in Australia
Dangerous New Spider in Australia
Picture about Dangerous New Spider in Australia
Dangerous New Spider in Australia


The message warns people of a supposedly new Spider in Australia that looks like Huntsman, causing dreadful bite injuries shown in the accompanied graphic images. It requests readers to spread the word and avoid/kill the spider. Let us analyze if this is really a fact.

Picture about Dangerous New Spider in Australia
Dangerous New Spider in Australia
Picture about Dangerous New Spider in Australia
Dangerous New Spider in Australia

The story of this new spider bite also comes as a warning issued by Australian Red Cross, and it has been shared through Email, Facebook, G+ and other social networking platforms. However, following this, the Australian Red Cross mentioned it in the list of hoax emails and scams on their website redcross.org.au and asked recipients not to forward the messages.

About the Pictures

The series of photographs that come with the story depict the progression of a hand injury (skin ulceration/flesh eating) supposedly caused by a bite from the new known spider in Australia. The pictures are possibly genuine, as the lesions do resemble necrotic ulcers. However, the origin of the images and the person who cannot be seen in it remain unknown. These disturbing pictures, in fact, have been circulating online since at least 2008. Previously, they came with another story attributed to Brown Recluse Spider bite:

The following illustrates the progression of a brown recluse spider bite. The affected skin actually dies on his body. Some of the pictures towards the end are pretty nasty, but take a look at the last one — it is a picture of the spider itself.
The Brown Recluse Spider is the most dangerous spider that we have here in the USA.
A person can die from it’s bite. We all should know what the spider looks like. Send this around to people you love, because it is almost summertime. People will be digging around, doing yard work, spring cleaning, and sometimes in their attics. Please be careful.
Spider bites are dangerous and can have permanent and highly negative consequences. They like the darkness and tend to live in storage sheds or attics or other areas that might not be frequented by people or light. If you have a need to be in your attic, go up there and turn on a light and leave it on for about 30 minutes before you go in to do your work.

It is true that Brown Recluse bite, in very rare circumstances, can cause tissue necrosis (tissue death); however, the spider usually bites only when pressed against the skin.

To conclude, the disturbing picture messages warning people of a new known spider bite in Australia is a fabricated hoax using old images. Like we always say, you shouldn’t believe everything you read online. Sharing such dubious warnings will not help anyone, but can only spread unwarranted fears among public. Since many people find Spiders creepy, hoax stories based on them often surface online.

Hoax or Fact:


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