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Picture about Dead Wife Preserved inside a Coffee Table
Dead Wife Preserved inside a Coffee Table


Jeff Green is a 32 year old American in Arizona, whose wife passed away. Due to the great pain he suffered due to her death, he did something totally out of character for a normal and sane person. He said, “I could no longer take the pain that my wife’s death has caused me, and I brought her back home.” This is where Jeff’s story takes a twisted turn. His wife, Lucy, was born with a heart condition that cut her life short at the young age of 29. Lucy’s last words to Jeff were, “We will meet again in heaven.”

These words served no consolation to Jeff’s despair. At the funeral, in an act of desperation, Jeff decided that he would not let Lucy leave him.

“I called the cemetery caretaker and explained my feelings. I spoke with the authorities and got special permission to take my wife home with me. They thought it strange, but I was allowed to take her with me. I rather have her at home than seven feet under ground. Lucy had a great sense of humor and I’m sure she would appreciate being my coffee table.”

Jeff ordered a special glass casing that eliminates the decomposition of a dead body. “It cost me about $6,000.00, but it was worth it.” Some of his friends and relatives, filled with fear, stopped visiting Jeff. His true friends respected his decision and continue visiting him. Some even comment that it is a nice piece of furniture.

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Dead Wife Coffee Table
Because you already told her twice.


The picture claims to show a Arizona resident Jeff Green to have preserved the dead body of his wife Lucy in a specially-built glass coffee table in his living room. Although the picture appears to show the dead body of a woman in glass coffee table, the claimed story cannot be a fact.

The idea of preserving a dead person’s body in a glass case has certainly been around for a while, but in the present day scenario, in this particular case, there are few aspects and reasons that confirm that such an incident could not have happened.

  1. U.S Law clearly establishes how everyone should handle and dispose human dead bodies. The Arizona Public Health and Safety department also has clear guidelines for disposition of human bodies – the burial and the funeral process. So it becomes illegal to preserve dead bodies like this in glass cases, especially in homes.
  2. There is no record of any such incident in Arizona with the names mentioned in the message. If such a ‘heart-touching incident’ did happen, it would have gained much media attention, which is not the case here. Moreover, some versions of the stories said that this was first published in Weekly World News, an American tabloid on 1 Dec. 1992, which also shares not so authentic news sometimes.
  3. If such an incident really happened, preserving a dead body in a glass container like that would be difficult, especially after post-mortem. Even if it is vacuum inside and the glass is ‘specially designed’, it can only slow down the decomposition process of the dead body and cannot preserve it for long.

So the story cannot be a fact, the picture showing a dead wife’s body preserved in a coffee table in living room is most certainly a hoax and the ‘heart-touching’ love story is fabricated. We believe that the glass case is something like a rectangular Aquarium coffee fish table of the size of a woman, inside which either a woman’s picture is added meticulously, or it could be a serious prank with a woman sleeping inside, pretending dead, or it could be an idol kind of thing as well.

Hoax or Fact:



Arizona Public Health and Safety – Disposition of human bodies

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