Deadly Snow Snakes in Ohio and Pennsylvania: Hoax

Picture about Deadly Snow Snakes in Ohio and Pennsylvania
Deadly Snow Snakes in Ohio and Pennsylvania


This is the deadly snow snake. It has bitten 3 people in the state of Ohio and one in Pennsylvania. It’s been spotted in other states. It comes out in the cold weather and at this time there is no cure for its bite. One bite and your blood starts to freeze. Scientist are trying to find a cure. Your body temperature start to fall once bitten. Please stay clear if you have seen it. Please forward this and try to save as many people as we can from this deadly snow snake.


A photograph spreading through social media, blogosphere and email claims that there’s a deadly reptile called “Snow Snake” which thrives in cold weather, whose bite causes the victim’s blood to ‘freeze,’ and that there is no known antidote for its venom. It is also warned that the deadly snow snake has bitten 3 people in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Thankfully, it is not a fact!

Our search has found no such mention of species called ‘Snow Snake,’ and there have been no news reports of any related snake bites in United States. Also, there is no scientific evidence about the existence of snake venom that can actually ‘freeze’ the bite victim’s blood. Moreover, snakes are cold-blooded and would die outside in freezing temperatures. This is why, during the winter months, snakes that live in colder areas go into a hibernation-like state called Brumation. They depend on external warming to regulate their body temperatures.

In Tales

Although not in real, the alleged ‘Snow Snake’ has been mentioned in creepy tales that go back to 20th century, like for example, James J. McDonald in his collection of tall tales “Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox” published in the Wisconsin Blue Book in 1931.

One of the greatest dangers faced by Paul’s lumberjacks was the many wild, but happily now extinct, animals that haunted the woods in the vicinity of Paul’s camps. Take first the snow snake. It came across from China the year of the two winters when Bering Strait was frozen over. They were pure white with pink eyes, and many Down the St. Croix were the young lumberjacks that were “froze stiff” of fright just thinking about them.

The Photograph

Some Albino Snakes can exhibit the white skin coloration due to genetic mutation, but however, the photograph appears like a rubber (toy) snake which is perhaps spray-painted (considering the white color of the tongue) and put on a snowy ground.

To conclude, the deadly ‘Snow Snakes’ mentioned in the story do not exist, and it appears like a silly prank of hoaxers. Sharing such stories can create unnecessary fear and alarm among people. For your information, Snow Snake is a Native American winter sport traditionally played by many tribes in the northern Midwest region.

Hoax or Fact:


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