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Double Bed Jump Damn Awesome Video


Crazy Video: Double Bed Jump Damn Awesome People – Must Watch!

Other Versions

1. World best bed jump record.
Men and women share a roller coaster, and they are very happy the moment they land

2. A Flying Bed Couple
Honeymoon flight on a bed in 5 seconds
A couple with the help of their friends did this shocking stunt.

గాల్లో హనీమూన్.. మంచంతో ఎగురుతూ.. ఈ వీడియో చూస్తే షాకే!
‘బైరవ ద్వీపం’ సినిమాలో రాకుమారిని మంచంతో సహా ఎత్తుకెళ్లిపోయే సంఘటన మీకు గుర్తుండే ఉంటుంది. అయితే, ఈ జంట తమ హనీమూన్‌ను అచ్చం అలాగే చేసుకోవాలని అనుకున్నారో ఏమో.. ఇదిగో గాల్లోకి ఎగురుతూ ఐదు సెకన్లు గుండె అగిపోయేలా చేశారు. చక్రాల మంచం ఎక్కి.. ఎత్తైన కొండ మీద నుంచి కిందకి జారారు. అంతేగాక ఆ మంచం మీద పడుకునే ఎనిమిది లారీల మీద నుంచి అవతలి వైపుకు జంప్ చేశారు. దీన్ని మాటల్లో చెప్పడం కంటే.. కళ్లతో చూస్తేనే బాగుంటుంది. వెంటనే ఈ వీడియో చూసేయండి.

Fact Check:

A crazy video circulating online claims to show a damn awesome double bed jump, where a couple on a bed is shown to jump over a series of trucks lined beside each other. The video does appear real, but isn’t so!

Old Video

The video has been circulating online since at least July 2013, and comes with various titles. Some say it is the world’s best bed jump record. The video appeared on YouTube and elsewhere — in comedy, entertainment, or People & Blogs categories. Later versions also said the video shows the couple flying on bed are on a honeymoon flight. However, no sensible couple shall get into such a risky stunt on their honeymoon. The footage reminds us of Megawoosh, an ‘unbelievable’ long-distance waterslide video.

Megawoosh – Unbelievable Long-distance Waterslide Video – Hoax Analysis

Durex Commercial

This video supposedly showing an amazing bed jump is in fact taken from an advertisement for condom manufacturer Durex’s Eternal Silicon long lasting lubricant product, which you can see in the second video. The original video 35-seconds long is in fact an old advertisement created to promote the Durex UK lubricant product. After the ‘staged’ bed jump over trucks is completed, the Durex commercial comes with a tag line saying ‘Slide longer than you expect,’ and the couple on bed end up saying ‘We made it!

So, the crazy video showing a double bed jump over a series of trucks is a hoax. It is taken from a commercial of Durex product. It is not a video of honeymoon couple flying on bed.

Hoax or Fact:




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Prashanth Damarla