Foolish Accidents – Vehicles Falling Down Broken Bridge: Fact Check

Image about Foolish Accidents - Vehicles Falling Down Broken Bridge
Foolish Accidents - Vehicles Falling Down Broken Bridge


Video Showing Foolish Set of Accidents – Vehicles Falling Down a Broken Bridge

Fact Check:

A surprising and shocking video at the same time is doing rounds widely online appearing to show a foolish set of accidents. It shows a group of vehicles falling down a broken bridge without noticing the fate right in front of them. Although many viewers thought the video is real, it is not so.

About the Video Showing Vehicles Falling Down Broken Bridge

The video in question is doing rounds online through various social media and video sharing platforms. It is popular because of the surprising nature of content as to how the series of easily avoidable accidents can happen. The vehicles coming behind the first Car falling down the bridge in accident can easily see the downfall and avoid following the same fate.


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Gaming Video, Not Real Accidents

Like the Tik Tok user Jarod Marsh @jarodmarsh7 tagged, the video in fact comes from GTA 5 gaming footage. Below is a very similar video game of Grand Theft Auto 5 titled “Steering cars off the bridge“. Likewise, it shows the same kind of bus stuck beside the broken bridge as oncoming cars collide and fall down.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) is an action-adventure video game. Seeing the video of set of car accidents, a reddit user expressed surprise GTA getting more realistic every day. In mid-2019, a footage from GTAV video game went viral online with false claims showing how Pilot Skill failed a Terrorist Attack in Algeria.

On the other hand, the video game footage showing vehicles falling down a broken bridge is also circulating online with various satire/meme messages. Some viewers mentioned Herd psychology recalling how in a documentary when one sheep jumps off the rock, others also follow behind it. They pointed there should be difference between human and sheep. Some viewers also expressed satire saying the video suggests current ruling voter profile.

Hoax or Fact:


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