Fried Chicken Oreos: Hoax

Picture about Fried Chicken Oreos
Fried Chicken Oreos


A picture circulating online shows a new flavor of Oreo cookie – Fried Chicken.

Other Versions

Fried Chicken-flavored Oreo is the newest cookies.


The picture claims to show fried chicken-flavored Oreos as the newest, limited edition cookies. The picture spread like wildfire after a user posted it on Facebook, and even CBS Local ( posted it questioning if it is real or fake.


Oreo cookies come in various flavors, but they do not sell any fried chicken-flavored ones, there is no such press release of new, limited edition as well. The picture claiming to show fried chicken Oreos seems to have originated from the Instagram user letsjourneyintofashion in early July 2014, the description of which is mentioned below:

NO ITS NOT REAL! it’s a joke my cousin sent as a spin to the fruit punch cookie. Next thing gonna make is fried chicken get it? Funny ha ha but not funny at the same time.

About the Picture

A close look of the photograph reveals presence of certain photo editing marks. It looks like; the fried chicken Oreo picture was adapted from the cover picture of limited edition Watermelon Oreos that can be seen in Image below.

Picture of Limited edition Watermelon Oreos
Limited edition Watermelon Oreos

To conclude, fried chicken Oreos do not exist; the story originated from a photoshopped image posted on Instagram — as a joke. A similar picture that went viral online in past claimed to show Blue Watermelon, as the Japanese Moon Melon.

Hoax or Fact:



Fried Chicken Oreos Are Totally Fake, Oreo Confirms

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Prashanth Damarla