Ghost Exercise on Gym Machine in Park: Fact Check

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Ghost Exercise on Gym Machine in Park


Ghost doing exercise in open gym machine in a park at night, in front of police.

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ये वीडियो झांसी का है जिसमें रात के दो बजे भूतों को एक पार्क में एक्सरसाइज करते हुए देखा गया, पुलिस ने बनाया वीडियो!

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Fact Check:

An unusual and ‘scary’ video is in circulation on social media alleging to show a Ghost doing Exercise on an open gym Machine in a park at night, in front of police. It appears to show a shoulder press machine in a playground moving from its original place without any external force, or anyone sitting on it. While some versions of the messages mentioned the location as Japan Rohini Park, others said it is from Jhansi, India. What you see in the video is real, but the ghost claims are just not true.

Not Ghost Exercise on Gym Machine in Park

The unusual video became popular with paranormal claims on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook in early June 2020. We found a similar ‘scary’ video in past around January 2020 showing ghost doing night exercise in park.

The video in question is in fact from Jhansi City of Uttar Pradesh, India. More importantly, on 13th June 2020, Jhansi Police took cognizance of the video and clarified there’s no involvement of paranormal ghost or whatsoever. The machine was faulty and over greased, causing it to stay in motion for sometime after someone touches it.

Some miscreants trimmed part of the video where police move the equipment to check its movement and shared with ghost claims. Police went to the spot to check validity of ghost claims and called them rumors. Surprisingly, apart from social media users, some news portals also shared the video with paranormal ghost claims. Police are in search of the miscreants who created the video in first place.

On the other hand, some viewers joked about the unusual video with comments like Mr. India is exercising and even Ghosts are building immunity to fight Coronavirus. In case of the other, old video also, couple of guys moved the machine to motion. You can watch the video below.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla