Giant Spider Under Public Toilet Seat: Video – Facts

Picture about Giant Spider Under Public Toilet Seat, Video
Giant Spider Under Public Toilet Seat, Video


Giant Toilet Spider Attacks My Foot

This is why you Always need to check underneath public toilet seats.
Be sure to check your toilet before you use it.

It might just save your butt!
(from being amputated)


This is a video message on YouTube, claiming to show a big Spider under public toilet seat of a restaurant, and warns people to check toilet seat before using it. The video is possibly hoax.

This video titled ‘Giant Toilet Spider Attacks My Foot‘ was uploaded by a YouTube user MmmBepBoo, who claimed that the incident happened in the bathroom of a restaurant where he no longer cares to visit. The user does not show up any personal information in his YouTube channel, but has a funny description with random text that sounds funny. His YouTube channel contains another video titled ‘Knife Game Song, Trick Gone Wrong!‘, with a description “A fantastic failure of a feisty fellow as he flounders five finger fillet, finally fouling up his finger’s flesh in a frightful, yet funny fashion.” The video shows a man playing with a knife around his fingers ridiculously and ending up stabbing one of his fingers. The video is posted in ‘Entertainment’ category, and is certainly not real.

Coming to the video in question, a close look at the video shows the presence of couple of other spiders, one over the tissue roll and another behind the toilet seat. But considering the way in which all this is shown, and the YouTube channel reputation of the user – his funny description of himself and the video, the giant spider is perhaps animated/edited and so the video is possibly hoax. This is more so, because messages about spiders under toilet seats in restaurants of Florida and elsewhere has been a long running hoax that is circulating through emails and social networking sites. The hoax messages even talk about poisonous, jumping spiders travelling from India and elsewhere, and that they have also caused death of few people. These messages are only meant to scare people, and so appears the present video as well.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.

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