Exhibit B-5 Viral Video – Girl Dies in a Prank – Facts Analysis

Picture about Exhibit B-5 Viral Video - Girl Dies in a Prank
Exhibit B-5 Viral Video - Girl Dies in a Prank


This is a very popular video on Youtube that has more than 2,530,800 views, and was circulated all across social networks. It shows a girl who dies badly in a road accident that happens because of a prank gone wrong.



Exhibit B-5 Viral Video was circulating rapidly online and almost all people who watched it thought it was real. It shows a prank shot on video by a girl who was trying to scare her roommate with the help of a neighbor, and eventually when the prank has gone wrong, the girl dies in a road accident when she is hit by a car.

The video description says that the blonde girl who took to this terrible prank was sued by the parents of her roommate. The video was shared by Claudia Mc Kinney, whose father was the judge adjudicating the case.

However, viewers did not notice the fact that this video was shared on Youtube in the “entertainment” category. This video of ‘girl dies in a prank’ is actually a short film titled EXHIBIT B-5, that was only meant for entertainment. It is a viral marketing campaign BS. The girl who is claimed to have died in this prank gone wrong accident explains that all that she had to do was lay on top and underneath the car, and then the amazing special effects did the rest of the job, to make it look indeed real.

Hoax or Fact:



Exhibit B-5 – Short Film.
Video explaining it is a viral marketing campaign.

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Prashanth Damarla