Golden Eagle Snatches a Kid in Park – Hoax Analysis

Picture Suggesting Golden Eagle Snatches a Kid in Park
Golden Eagle Snatches a Kid in Park


A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal! What if he got away with it!?

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1. Golden Eagle snatches child – Video.

2. Golden eagle attacks a toddler in park.


The video message claims to show a huge golden eagle attacking and snatching away a toddler kid in Montreal park. The video (first one in this article) appeared so real that many parents in Montreal were concerned that such an incident can happen with their kids as well. However, the video is not real. The story is a hoax.

This YouTube footage became very popular because it shows something unbelievable – an eagle snatching a young kid in a park while he plays under the watch of his dad, and then the eagle drops the kid few feet away. Although the footage appears real, a close look at it will reveal some loopholes, like couple of continuity breaks in the footage and the strange floating way in which the toddler falls down after being released by the eagle. Moreover, wildlife experts say that golden eagles are rarely found in Montreal, and that the bird shown in the video could be some kind of falcon. The video footage is not real, it is made using 3D computer graphics.

This ‘Golden Eagle Snatches Kid’ video footage was actually made by Canadian students at Centre NAD, as a part of their workshop pertaining to Bachelors degree in 3D Animation and Digital Design. Both the kid and the eagle shown in the video were actually created in 3D animation and later integrated in to the film. The story is therefore a hoax.

Hoax or Fact:



Students admit faking clip of Golden eagle snatching a toddler
Centre NAD reassures Montrealers: no danger of being snatched by a royal eagle

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Prashanth Damarla