Gymnastics Springboard Break, Stunt Gone Wrong: Video – Facts

Picture from Gymnastics Springboard Break, Stunt Gone Wrong, Video
Gymnastics Springboard Break, Stunt Gone Wrong, Video


Gymnastics springboard break stunt gone wrong

A gymnast attempting to vault over the horse who’s springboard breaks and sends him flying into the judges table. See this and many more stunts gone wrong at < Link >

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This is a popular video that claims to show a stunt gone wrong incident when a Gymnastics springboard breaks and the Gymnast is shown flying off into the judges table. The shocking incident depicted in the first video is not a fact.

Stefen Beletsky, the man shown as Gymnast in the first video does not appear to be fact. There are no records about the Gymnast. The last frame of the video, just before the man falls on table suggests that the stunt may not be real. This video clipping shared by many people (in comedy category) shows a stunt gone wrong incident that does not actually show the complete footage. The complete footage, as you can see in the video below, is in fact a commercial advertisement of Craftsman brand for the company Sears Brands LLC. After flying off and landing into the table, the Gymnast is unbelievably shown to stand well again! Then a man sitting near the floor pushes a toolbox under a table and walks away, followed by a voice over saying ‘Not the official tools of gymnastics. The official tools of NASCAR.’

The commercial, titled as ‘Craftsman – Springboard’, was developed in United States by an agency called Young & Rubicam, Fredrik Bond being the director. As you can see in the original video, the commercial also displays a public notice saying – “Do not attempt. Controlled environment.”

Like it often happens with many interesting videos like this, it is edited to conceal the actual fact and used as a marketing means. Not just the commercial part in the end is deleted; even the public notice displayed in the original video is made unclear to the viewer. The story portrayed in the Gymnastics springboard breaking stunt video is a hoax; it is just a commercial advertisement. You can view similar videos in related stories section below.

Hoax or Fact:


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Craftsman – Springboard

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