Huge Snake Swimming in Amazon River, Helicopter Spotted: Fact Check

Image about Huge Snake Swimming in Amazon River, Helicopter Spotted
Huge Snake Swimming in Amazon River, Helicopter Spotted


A Helicopter Pilot Spotted this Huge Snake Swimming in Amazon River, Captured by Government Authorities.

Image about Huge Snake Swimming in Amazon River, Helicopter Spotted

Other Versions

This huge snake was seen swimming in the Amazon river by a helecopter pilot who informed the government authorities which later sent its people to capture it.

Other Versions

Anaconda spotted at Malenadu region in Karnataka

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Fact Check:

Couple of short videos in circulation allege to show a Huge Snake Swimming in Amazon River spotted by a Helicopter Pilot. And allegedly, Government authorities captured it later. While the first video shows the huge snake appearing to cross a water body, the second one shows a large snake on a tow truck. The said Anaconda snake in first video appears so very large that it could make a world record in terms of size. So, let us examine the authenticity of the video(s) and the associated claims of a massive Snake swimming in an Amazon River.

Huge Snake Swimming in Amazon?

With recent increase in flood frequency of Amazon River, internet space has seen many claims about large creatures surfacing as a result. Earlier, there were also some videos and pictures claiming to show a 100 feet Snake found in Amazon River basin. Quite a number of viewers also believed in the video(s) claiming to show the huge Snake swimming in Amazon River.

Interestingly, the first part of the video also appeared online earlier. It said to show an Anaconda of more than 15 meters (50 feet), registered in the Xingu River of Brazil.

The fact of the matter is – the original video simply shows a well-known size Anaconda – crossing a flooded road. The video appeared earlier in September 2018. The footage is stretched and enlarged to make the Snake appear quite larger than what it actually is. Below is the actual video of the Snake.

On the other hand, the snake on tow truck is another bulky Snake on Brazil highway from September 2015. The dead snake believed to be hit by truck measured seven meters in length. Pictures of the Snake are popular online, often used in fabricated stories like 33 feet 400 kg massive Anaconda.

To conclude, the video messages claiming to show a Helicopter pilot spotted a huge Snake swimming in Amazon River, and Government authorities captured it later are just hoaxes. Snakes are in fact fascinating creatures and stories like this showing massive Anacondas grab the attention of general audience easily.

Update: 16 Aug. 2019

The aforementioned video circulated again on social media platforms with different claims in August 2019. Accordingly, a 25 feet Anaconda is allegedly spotted at Kabini dam in Malenadu region of Karnataka after heavy floods and damage.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla