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Inari Fox Pictures
Inari Fox Pictures


Meet The Inari Fox

Other Versions

1. This is an Inari fox

2. Southeast African Monkey from Madagascar

Image about Inari Fox/Southeast African Monkey from Madagascar
Inari Fox/Southeast African Monkey from Madagascar

Fact Check:

Couple of stories widely seen on image sharing websites purport to introduce and show strangely cute Inari Fox Pictures. One picture shows a woman holding and showing a cute white ‘Inari Fox ‘. The other one shows yet another black and white color cutie sitting on ground. Some versions of the stories present the pictures claiming it is a Southeast African Monkey from Madagascar. However, what you see are not real Inari fox pictures; they are just artistic dolls.

Inari is related to mythological ‘Fox Spirit’ attributed to places like Japan and India among others. As a matter of fact, the origins of Inari are not clear. In general, the characteristics of Inari shrines are red gates protected by a pair of fox statues, one on either side. Coming back to the story in question, the pictures do not show any real Inari fox creature. Both of them are works of art by Moscow doll-maker Santaniel in his Inari foxes’ collection. Therefore, the claims that the pictures show real Inari fox creature or a Southeast African Monkey from Madagascar are just hoaxes. On his DeviantArt pages here and here, Santaniel describes the “Inari Foxes” are soft-bodied framed dolls made of fabric fur and fimo clay parts. The artist sells the dolls on his website

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla